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 Response to Stonard Attack.

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PostSubject: Response to Stonard Attack.   Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:11 pm

"Run... run! Horde! They are inside!"

The night elf could only yell words of fear before he gave his last breath to the wind. Citizens of Ironforge witnessed the fate of the night elf, struck down with a relentless but an unexpected attack.

"They are only eight! KILL THEM! They are going inside that house!"

A human officer yelled to local guards of Ironforge while he started to chase the enemy that appeared to be sneaked inside without alerting the guards. Hundreds of people gathered far away from the house, curiously eyeing what was happening. Battle cries could be heard inside the house, more and more Alliance soldiers were going inside, only to be thrown out of the window either struck down with a spell or got hit by a weapon.

"How did they sneak inside? Soldiers of the Alliance, drive these Horde scum out!"

But Horde attackers that are now positioned inside that house were determined to hold their position, eliminating more Alliance soldiers each passing minute.

"I'm going in. For the Alliance!"

The enraged human officer charged inside the house, his eyes were looking for enemies.

"What... what is this?"

But he was only met by a pile of Alliance soldiers' corpses with no sign of the attackers. He peered around, only to saw a closing portal. He noticed a parchment on ground, only to notice a sentence written in their language.

"We are Horde gladiators."

He threw the parchment with rage and rushed outside to warn the other cities.



Place : Stormwind and Ironforge.
When : 7-10 PM
Assault Type : Infiltration
Alliance soldiers killed : 244.
Casualties : 1 dead out of 9 attackers.

I'd like thank everyone attended to this attack, and special thanks go to Elena for encouraging the Alliance to attack us by rushing in front lines. We experienced no "burboys" or "agollads" and had fun. It was a nice battle with us holding a house and alliance outside trying to drive us out. Smile

Here are the screenies of victory :


Caution : These images may be disturbing to some viewers. Dancing moonkins and santas, naked gnomes and female dwarves can be seen.
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Response to Stonard Attack.
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