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 Naxx 10 :D

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PostSubject: Naxx 10 :D   Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:16 pm

Is there still a group going for this?

I seem to have missed sign-up's for it, I noticed someone had chucked me one but I hadn't been online that day.

I would be happy to join in the evenings but probably won't be online on time unless I get notice about it on the forum or something.

If there isn't room for me anymore, does anyone else fancy putting together a second group for it... assuming we have numbers? Maybe starting a bit later in the evenings?

Alternatively, as I mentioned before if time is a factor I would be interested to form a later evening heroic club, maybe get a set group and do heroics later on in the evenings.

I needs some badgers to get rid of my Ebonweave Robe, tired of being calling it a "pretty dress".... I WILL DESTROY THEM!
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PostSubject: Re: Naxx 10 :D   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:26 am

You know that most of the 'robes' in Naxx are exactly the same as your current dre- I mean um... Ballgown? Anyway, there can be greoups set up for 10-man, but as is the way, I guess there needs to be a consistent leader/one who can raise spirits enough to get people going. The thing we tend to struggle with are the tanks and healers, though, which even with regular promotion leaves raids a little thin (most healers will try and save that character for their guild run, or else try and go to Naxx 25-man). My two characters capable of healing aren't dedicated to it, and so I can never promise that they'll be able to do so (though I'm willing to respec if the raid looks as though it'll go ahead).

Meh, I think I'm rambling.
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Naxx 10 :D
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