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 Raid loot and looting

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PostSubject: Re: Raid loot and looting   Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:21 am

Fendoor wrote:
I think that Izaika's idea about the loot system was that you cant need on that particular slot again in that raid.


I roll on a necklace thats an upgrade for me, and i get it. Two bosses further another necklace drops which is slightly better. But because i already won a necklace in that raid, i cannot roll on it now. So its one upgrade pr slot each raid. I think it sounds fair Smile

Yup, you've got it spot on. So if a nice shoulder item drops, someone who already has epic shoulders of slightly lower quality would hopefully think "Hmm, that's a slight upgrade... but the tier shoulders could drop later on. Nah, I'd rather have the tier gear, I'll pass", and someone who only has green or blue shoulders might think "Oooh, that's really nice! I'll roll for that. If I take this I won't be able to roll on the tier shoulders later, but this is still a great upgrade for me that I can be happy with."

Similarly, if a resto druid like me sees a nice caster cloak with lots of spellpower but also MP5, I'd think "Oh, more spellpower... but MP5, that's not so good for me, I'd prefer spirit. There's a similar cloak out there with spirit instead of MP5... so I'll pass on this and see if the spirit cloak turns up."

Hopefully. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Raid loot and looting   Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:50 am

I misread earlier then. Yes, that does sound rather fair, one upgrade per slot per raid.
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PostSubject: Re: Raid loot and looting   Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:48 pm

I've been following the threads about the Dungeon Crawlers wth interest. As someone who only does raids extremely rarely, the possibility of one day joining a 'casual' raid group to see some of the high level content is really appealing.

However, reading this thread, I sympathise with Ryleen. Players who concentrate on RP (like me) are likely to have gear that is much worse than those who often do instances too. And, despite what Quint says, some RPers take very little interest in what loot items may be available to them.

It seems to me that you either let people have a chance to win any item that is a reasonable upgrade for them (with the Need or Greed loot system) as Chowlawu has suggested, or you take the time to consider who has most need of it, or how the group as a whole would benefit most (using the Master Loot option). Choose a system and realise that either way there will be situations that won't satisfy everyone.

Unless there is someone friendly on hand to advise me, I would be likely to select 'Greed' or Pass on every item for fear of upsetting people through my own ignorance. Instances are terrifying enough for me as it is and I'm usually too bewildered after a fight with a boss to be able to think clearly about loot. Getting too serious about the perceived fairness of loot allocation is likely to result in some RPers and casual raiders choosing not to join in. And that would be a shame.

PS I like the term 'lewt-whore'. Brilliant. But I would like to object, in the srongest possible terms, about use of the derogatory term 'troll' as it is used in this thread and elsewhere. Dat's simply not acceptable, mon!
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PostSubject: Re: Raid loot and looting   

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Raid loot and looting
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