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 Frostmourn Keepers sack Tranquilen

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PostSubject: Frostmourn Keepers sack Tranquilen   Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:37 pm

'Uncouth scum, get out! you do not belong here!!!'
Lyerah's screams went unheaded as the humans continued to sack the town. did they not understand her words? she suspected not as there was no comprihension in there eyes. they slew the towns folk & guards but seemed unwilling to attack her, they simply made lewd gestures at her, spitting at her & laughing at her inability to stop the slaughter.
'Do not mock me you filthy human, you are little better than the scourge, you mindless barbarian' the human sneared at her grabbing at her clothes & pushing her into the mud, Lyerah was outraged!!!
'How dare you!' she jumped from the ground stamping her feet in impotent rage. The human gave her a licenticious grin, that was quite enough, she was not having some lustful oaf looking at her like some common human whore. Lyerah rased her hand & slaped the raider as hard as she could across the face, that stopped him smirking. Lyerha had one moment of triumph but the human was furious now, he slapped her back, Lyerah's face felt like it had exploded and she fell back to the ground.
The human stood over her, face triumphant, Lyerah was worried now.
'Go on then' she screemed up at him, 'do what you will, I'll see you dead you filthy human' Lyerah closed her eyes, but the final blow never fell. She oppened them tentativley looking around. The human raider was on the ground, a massive slash across his chest, he was still staring at her, the hatred frozen on his face at the point of his death.
Lyerah hopped to her feet with a laugh of relief and looked down at the raider's corpse on the ground. looking round to make sure none of the other raiders were looking she kicked him viciously in the face, then kicked him again just for good measure.
'Damnit, my face' she gingerly touched her cheek, wincing at the pain. 'I need some bloodthistle'
Lyerah gave the Raider one last kick, then slipped off into the night.

((Thank you for listening to my rant))
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PostSubject: Re: Frostmourn Keepers sack Tranquilen   Tue Aug 05, 2008 6:54 am

((Frostmourne Keepers are to maturity and RP what Hitler was for world peace ... Rolling Eyes Known gankers, corpse campers, lol'boyz etc ))
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PostSubject: Re: Frostmourn Keepers sack Tranquilen   Sat Aug 16, 2008 9:50 am

Arithian lies back on the sofa and reaches for a book, As he fingers the spines he shoots up and runs to the balcony

"INVADERS" An elf, obviously back from the south ran as fast as he could. "HUMANS, GET HE--" At that instant an arrow hit his back and he keeled over.

Arithan extended his arm and grabbed his bow. The invading party eventualy made their way into the town and began to assault the citizens

"Kresh, Go down there and take out the priests.." The large cat seemed to nod and it lumped off of the balcony; landing gently on it's feet.

"Let's do this" Arithian snarled as he bagan to unleash a volley of flaming arrows on the invaders.
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PostSubject: Re: Frostmourn Keepers sack Tranquilen   

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Frostmourn Keepers sack Tranquilen
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