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 Reposted: [rp-story] - You can never escape the Blood of the Past

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Reposted: [rp-story] - You can never escape the Blood of the Past Empty
PostSubject: Reposted: [rp-story] - You can never escape the Blood of the Past   Reposted: [rp-story] - You can never escape the Blood of the Past EmptyThu Mar 08, 2012 9:40 pm

The wind howls around the Western edge of Storm Peaks as an Orc pulls his axe from the chest of an Iron Dwarf. Around him, the corpses of many other Iron Dwarves litter the ground, their blood staining the snow.

The snow suddenly swirls around the Orc as the clouds seem to converge upon him and lightning flashes, making the air around him crackle as though alive. Struck by a bolt, the Orc crumples to his knees as the thunder rumbled as an audible voice.

Go to the forests of Kalimdor. Bring terror and destruction on what you find there!

The Orc struggles to his feet, his eyes glazed as he summons his winged skeletal steed and takes off, heading East.

As the Orc arrives at Orgrimmar, his senses tingle as memories flood his mind. Summoning his Dreadsteed, he rides out through the city gates and heads towards the Barrens.
Upon reaching the Gold Road he turns North, his expression still glazed as he made his way back to the lands he had terrorised in life. Making his way through the Mor'shan Ramparts, he continues on until he reaches Splintertree Post. The guards eye him with suspicion, clearly not happy about a Death Knight being in their midst, but the Orc carries on and dismounts and makes his way to group of scouts. He sees that they are mapping out the latest troop movements of the Night Elves and notices some odd movements towards the borders of Felwood.
He turns around and immediately heads out on his Dreadsteed, his direction clearly westward, the Orc makes his way to the Howling Vale.

A few days earlier in Stormwind a Night Elf looked through her empty house, her husband had been away on a mission and it didn't look like he would return soon. Jolasa went to the catherdral in the hope to get some more information on when he would return. As she talked to Evangelist he just told her he was doing some important work for the Order and should just wait till he got back.
Jolasa looked at the note friends has send. It simply stated: “Come to Felwood.”

To be continued

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Reposted: [rp-story] - You can never escape the Blood of the Past
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