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 Reposted: [rp-story] - Gurfang's tools of the trade

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Reposted: [rp-story] - Gurfang's tools of the trade Empty
PostSubject: Reposted: [rp-story] - Gurfang's tools of the trade   Reposted: [rp-story] - Gurfang's tools of the trade EmptyThu Mar 08, 2012 9:28 pm

Pondering his latest kill, Gurfang took out his weapons from his bag and unsheathed those that he had in his belt. He looked at them, all bloody from the carnage he had created. His axe still had a lump of flesh hanging off the now dull blade. Picking it up, Gurfang licked the blood that was dripping down the blade, all the way up to the lump of flesh, which he quickly took into his mouth and chewed as he pondered.
Need more sharpness! Gurfang said to himself.

Leaning on the anvil in front of him, he started to pump air into the forge. The fire grew white with heat as the green skinned lunatic went about his craft. Then, taking his axe head from the wooden handle, he grasped the axe with a pair of tongs and placed it in the fire, edge first.
When the metal had turned almost white he took it out. Then, taking his hammer, he started about the job of removing notches and kinks in the axe head. As he did so, sparks of white-hot metal flicked up and scorched his skin. He wasn't phased by it, after all it was not his first non-feeding scar. Although he did not appear to be particularly intelligent, Gurfang was a natural at knowing what a blade needed doing to it in order to fix it and return it to prime working condition. Indeed, he had been known to improvise with his weapons, just to see what they did. However, most of these experiments were met with extreme scepticism and were rejected by all the other greenskins, so he rarely made anything "different" anymore.
Eventually, Gurfang was pleased with his work and cooled the axe head. Then, after placing it back on the handle, he placed the very edge back in the forge. He allowed it to rest there and walked outside of the workshop.

He returned, dragging his latest catch. Still moving, though obviously in pain and in an almost resigned manner. His quarry, 2 female wood elves, were both being pulled by ropes that were attached to them around their necks. Although both were wearing typical elven dresses, they were sodden with blood and left very little to the imagination. Both were also missing limbs, the legs having been chopped off at just above the knee and the arms at just above the elbow.
After pulling them to the centre of the floor, he walked over to his work bench and took 8 metal stakes and a mallet and returned to his victims. Kicking one of the elves to one side, he grabbed the hair of the other and dragged her a couple of feet away. Then, grabbing the right arm stump, he placed one of the stakes at the mid point between cauterized stump and shoulder and brought his hammer down and drove the stake through skin, muscle and bone before pinning the remains of the limb to the ground. He proceeded to do the same to the other arm and to both legs, so that the elf was pinned, almost in a star shape, to the floor of the workshop. He then grabbed the other elf and proceeded to introduce her to the same torment of pain.

Once done, he returned the mallet to his bench and returned with a jagged blade, with which he proceeded to slice down the centre of both dresses, which he then pulled from the now naked bodies. Then, licking his lips, he returned to the forge, where his axe blade was now white-hot again. Indeed, it was so hot that it had lit the end of the handle. Quickly bringing the axe off the forge and onto the ground, Gurfang used the rags from the elves to beat out the flames from the axe handle. Then he took one of his daggers and placed the tip of the blade into the forge. After making sure that it wouldn't slip, he picked up his still white-hot axe and returned to his "guests".
After picking one of them, he walked over and proceeded to place the almost molten blade edge on the skin of the elf, rolling it in an almost playful manner from her shoulder, diagonally between her breasts and down to the bottom of her rib cage. She screamed in agony as the skin was burned and scarred by this cruel torture. Gurfang proceeded to do the same again from the other shoulder, and again the elf wailed in pain. Meanwhile her friend could only look on, she herself in her own world of pain and dreading what fate might await her after Gurfang had finished with his first wretch.

After repeating the burning a couple of times, a familiar red glow appeared in Gurfang's eyes. Suddenly he raised the axe above his head and brought it down along one of the burn marks. With a hiss, a brief cry and a loud crunch of bone, the elf's torso rolled apart in two pieces, her internal organs hissing as they fell out of where they had only recently been held and touched the thing that had freed them. The other, poor elf could hardly believe what she had seen. The power that the orc had just produced was immense. It was clear that if he wished he could rip her limbs from their sockets and tear the skin away with his bare hands. Her fears increased as to how painful her final moments would be.
Gurfang chuckled at what he had just created and then reached down and picked up the heart that had just started to hiss against his now rapidly cooling axe blade. He took a large bite from it as he turned to he remaining live catch.
"Some stoopid puh-sun wons say dat booty iz skin deep. We see if dem is raht." the ork chuckled at the elf as he walked back to the forge and picked up his dagger. He walked back to the elf and straddled her waist, facing her head.

"We see NAH!" he shouted.
Then he placed the tip of the blade at the elf's right shoulder joint and sliced through the skin. He then pulled the blade along her clavicle, below her neck, along her left clavicle and eventually stopping at her left shoulder joint. All the way through this, the elf let out a single note as a high pitched scream. As Gurfang stopped she stopped for breath, but only for a moment as he proceeded to slice her skin al the way below her rib cage, again eliciting a blood-wrenching scream. He then used his blade to slice down her sternum to join the 2 first slices at the centre. Tossing his dagger aside, he brought his hands to the central cut and started to pull the left piece to the side. There was a tearing sound as the flesh pulled away from muscle that it was attached to.
The elf could do nothing more than breathy whimpers as the internal thorax was introduced to the light of the outside world.
Grabbing the breast in his clawed, grimy hand for a better grip, he pulled for all he was worth and was rewarded with it tearing completely free at the side. He then brought the slab of flesh to his mouth and took several mouthfuls of the succulent meat. Looking at the breast he was holding, he took a bite. However, after a couple of chews he spat out what he had in his mouth and threw the rest of the flesh away!
"Nastee elf av taystless bits on ur!" Gurfang shouted with indignation. Grabbing the jagged blade he had cut the clothing from the elves, he grabbed a handful of right mammary tissue and hacked away at the skin and flesh underneath until it came away from the elf's chest. Tossing it away, Gurfang looked at the elf and chuckled again.

"WE SEE NAH!" the orc shouted to the now nearly dead and sheet-white elf, as he too hold of the skin right below her neck. Then, with a sudden yank of extreme force, he pulled the skin up from her neck, over her chin, over her face and off her head completely! Then, seeing her 2 eyes still in their sockets, he grabbed them, pulling them completely out of their socket and detaching them from the optic nerve, and put them straight into his mouth. Then, as a final coup de grace, he lifted his hands above his head and brought them down in the bloody skull, crushing it and all inside it.
After a couple of seconds of staring at his handiwork, Gurfang gathered almost all of his belongings and threw them into his weapons bag. The only remaining item was Gurfang's axe, just lying by the forge. Picking it up, he looked at it and shook his head.
"Need sharpin" he grumbled to himself as he slung it into position on his belt.
"But much betta dan how me use to brayk dem! Me fingas fil betta fer it!" he said as he walked out of the workshop. Hopefully whoever owned it would appreciate what was left for them!

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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Reposted: [rp-story] - Gurfang's tools of the trade
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