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 Reposted: [rp-story] - Blood stains leave a trail

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PostSubject: Reposted: [rp-story] - Blood stains leave a trail   Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:18 pm

A lone Orc stands in the midst of the carnage that is left at the Wrathgate. The fires of the Dragon Flight rage as the he draws his runeblade and kneels before the gate itself. He closes his eyes as he hears a whisper, seemingly coming from all around him.

You have done well!

***Time passes***

Visions of the past swirl around. Blood has been spilled across the continent of Northrend, they fill these visions.

The Orc is running across Dragonblight, dragons dying in his wake. Blue dragons burn under his command, red dragons fall from the sky as he watches.


Magnataurs and mammoths fall before him, staining the snow red in equal number. Nerubians are dispatched with ease as the Orc hacks his way across the land.


The green forests of the Grizzly Hills appear, also stained with blood. Goblins lie, surrounded by their tools, Iron Dwarves and their stone-wrought minions are vanquished and the beasts of the land are harvested. Nothing can escape his rage.

You have done well!

Drakkari ruins swirl into view. Drakuru's treachery is seen, his fall completed. Drakkari bodies surround the Orc, his blade dripping from his efforts. A pink hue spreads out in the snow.

Impressive! But you have still not fulfilled my command. REMEMBER!

The vision swirls and the green of the forest reappears. The Orc sees through his own eyes, but has no control as his vision continues. He has hold of an Elf by her throat, pinning her to the ground. He grabs half of a broken staff and drives it through her left shoulder. Grabbing the other half, he drives it through her her right shoulder. She screams, her voice echoing all around.
He is now holding a knife, he drives it through her ankles, reducing her writhing.

He holds an axe and proceeds to hack off both her arms. He then slices open the abdomen as her life flows away and grabs a handful of internal organs and raises them above his head, roaring in rage and delight in equal measure.

As the vision fades, the Orc feels something. A flicker of pleasure runs through his mind, sending a shiver down his spine.

Yes! You know what I want! Bring me death and destruction. Make my lands run red!

"Yoo d...dun kon-troll m...me!" the Orc stammers, shaking as an internal struggle seemingly rages.

Oh but I do, I most certainly do!

The Orc stands, suddenly, and raises his blade to the gate and roars. It is guttural and raw, resounding around the whole of the Dragonblight.

The Orc mounts up on his windrider and takes off to the north. A decision has clearly been made, the Orc is on his way to war!

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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Reposted: [rp-story] - Blood stains leave a trail
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