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 WAL is now closed

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PostSubject: WAL is now closed   WAL is now closed EmptySat Feb 12, 2011 8:26 am

I created this forum nearly 3 years ago for the purpose of recording and promoting RP on Scarshield legion and, for most of that time, it was moderately successful.

It brought people together and gave us a place to share our ideas and get to know each other and the story and character archives showed what we had acheived.

I've now moved on and, while the archive will remain, it will no longer be updated and no new accounts will be activated.

Thank you to everybody who contributed in whatever way (even the arguments had their purpose after all Wink ), It was a pleasure to know you all.

People who wish to can still contribute to the Story archive and Random Carp and you're welcome to add me as friend on Facebook if you want to stay in touch Smile

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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PostSubject: Re: WAL is now closed   WAL is now closed EmptyWed Feb 23, 2011 10:36 pm

To bad, but I guess we saw it all coming..
Thanks all for the fun and good times! Smile

Siheld, Puraniel, Rajani, Feanu
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WAL is now closed
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