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 A troll creation myth

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PostSubject: A troll creation myth   A troll creation myth EmptyMon Jan 31, 2011 6:33 pm

((Something I posted a few days ago to the new Heritage of Zandalar forum))

The following story is one of the many myths about the creation of Trolls that the lorekeepers of Zandalar wrote down. Many versions of this story exist, with slightly different animals in each role. Sometimes it is not Legba but Zanza or Samdi who brings conclusion.

Long-long time ago, when the Earth was still new, the Primal Gods gathered to discuss the most important question: the creation of their Chosen People, the Trolls.

First spoke Mam'toth, the Mammoth, oldest and mightiest of all Primal Gods. And thus he spoke: "Trolls must be the biggest and strongest of all beings. They shall have legs like tree-trunks, tusks like ice shards, and long, prehensile nose to reach far with it."

The second speaker was Nalorakk, the Bear. He said: "I agree with Mam'toth that trolls must be big and strong. However, I find tusks and a long nose useless. Instead, they should have large, clawed paws to strike their enemies with."

Halazzi, the Lynx disagreed with them. He spoke: "Strength is worth little without agility and cunning. Trolls should be slender and quick, and have the most acute senses: shining eyes and long, pointy ears."

Bethekk, the Panther mostly agreed with Halazzi, but added: "They should have dark skin with short fur, so they can meld into the shadows and hide from their enemies."

Then Deni'kuz, the Raptor said: "Trolls shall have two long legs to run fast, long tail to balance with, and mighty claws to tear their enemies apart."

Ucha'go, the Ape suggested: "Trolls should have long arms with agile fingers, so they can climb on trees and grab sticks and stones to fight with."

One by one, all other Primal Gods spoke their idea. Akil'zon, the Eagle said trolls should have feathers and wings, and excellent eye-sight. Hethiss, the Snake thought legs are useless, and trolls should have long slender bodies to be able to slither in every hole. The gods could not come to an agreement. Their debate became an argument, their argument turned into a fight. They kept fighting all day and all night.

Next morning, as the sun rose, a figure approached the Primal Gods. It was Legba, the Loa of Crossroads, wise and old. He asked the Primal Gods: "Why are you fighting?" The gods explained, and asked Legba to make justice. Legba laughed, and his face shone like the sun. He said: "Fools! Instead of fighting, you must compromise. Each and every of you should give one gift of yours to the Trolls, so they shall be the most perfect beings of all."

The Primal Gods followed Legba's advice, and all of them gave one gift to the Trolls. Mam'toth gave them his tusks, Akil'zon gave his eyes, Halazzi his ears. Ucha'go gifted them with his arms, Deni'kuz with his legs, and Bethekk offered her skin. Finally, they got the strength of Nalorakk, and the cunning of Hethiss. Legba looked down on their creation, and he was satisfied. Thus, he blessed the Trolls with the power of Voodoo and gave them the Earth.

((The story was inspired by an actual Native American creation myth. I used two original, unofficial gods: the raptor god Deni'kuz (credits go to Euphrati), and my own invention, Ucha'go the Ape.))
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PostSubject: Re: A troll creation myth   A troll creation myth EmptyMon Jan 31, 2011 6:36 pm

nice one Very Happy

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A troll creation myth
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