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 [RP] The Fey 3000 Cranial Capicitor - By Naladren

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[RP] The Fey 3000 Cranial Capicitor - By Naladren Empty
PostSubject: [RP] The Fey 3000 Cranial Capicitor - By Naladren   [RP] The Fey 3000 Cranial Capicitor - By Naladren EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 5:08 pm

((copied from http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=14870048496&sid=1 - Vyp))

Naladren walked briskly through the narrow passageways underneath Silvermoon, absently following the route to the laboratories. The summons had been urgent, and the person sending it sounded excited... although knowing the person involved Naladren knew this could mean anything.

Approaching a thick looking door, he nodded at the guards flanking it, who heaved the doors open so he could enter. Entering, the familiar smells of burning and thick chemicals hit his nose. He wafted a unpleasent looking cloud of gas away from his face and pulled his mask over his mouth and nose, as the door thudded shut behind him.

Waiting for the view to clear, he noted Fey standing hunched over a figure in a chair, apparently adjusting something. As Naladren drew closer, he saw a terrified looking orc strapped into the chair. A helmet with wires coming off it was attached to his head, and a tube ran into the corner of his mouth.

The female elf looked up at him, and grinned when she noted the look of disdain on his face.

“Do I dare even to ask?” he frowned at her.

“Naladren! You remember that device we took from the Sunfury base in Netherstorm? I told you that expedition would pay off.” She gestured theatrically at the captive. “Behold, the FEY 3000 Cranial Capacitor. I took the original design the Sunfury engineers had worked on, and modfied . And today some of your men picked up my test subject. A peon wondering around Shattrath – perfect really!”

“Yes the Netherstorm expedition," Naladren scowled at the reminder. "Costing us a significant loss of men and material to retrieve some of the crazed engineering mishaps of the Sunfury elves. And you send some of my best men on a mission to pick up peasants from Shattrath? Anything else I should know? Like what this is supposed to do for example?”

Fey clapped her hands together and seemed genuinely glad he'd asked. “Well, the cranial capacitor is a modification of a Sunfury design. I believe they were trying some work to reverse some of negative affects suffered by the wretched, particularily with respect to their mind. It was hoped the original device could reverse the degradation, and infact enhance cognative abilities.”

As Naladren looked at her sceptically she continued “In theory, it makes someone smarter. In addition to my modfications, I took some of the more interesting alchemical compounds designed to stimulate brain activity and drip feed the subject with them. A sort of double whammy of the smarts.” Fey laughed at her own joke.

“But why, would I want a clever orc? The stupid ones are easiest to handle.”

“Well, I needed something really stupid for my tests. No point trying to make something thats already smart, smart, is there? Besides, think of the applications! Carefully programmed and trained, we could take dregs like this one and turn them into disposable weapons, for use as the Sin'Dorei see fit. No loss of our own blood invovled.”

Naladren nodded slowly, thinking for a minute. “Proceed with your experiments. I want regular updates. And keep this quiet – the last thing I want is people knowing we are bringing orcs into the city. Bad enough all the ones that visit of their own free will.”

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[RP] The Fey 3000 Cranial Capicitor - By Naladren
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