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 [A] [RP] Alliance RP Project! - by Pythania

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[A] [RP] Alliance RP Project! - by Pythania Empty
PostSubject: [A] [RP] Alliance RP Project! - by Pythania   [A] [RP] Alliance RP Project! - by Pythania EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 12:10 pm

((copied from: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=14469558353&sid=1 - Vyp))

[Alliance Roleplay Project]
[Alliance Roleplay Union]

Now because of the drop in SSL's Alliance side roleplay quantity, acouple of members including myself from the newly formed 'roleplay union' have decided to set up an Alliance roleplay project. This Project is going to attempt to set up (and support if needed) BASIC roleplay events, guilds and hubs. The 'guild union' as said, is made up of roleplayers wanting to organise more roleplay for the server; it's currently made up of four people, and is looking for about 2 more - if anyone's interested in helping out, speak to me, Pythania.




For any roleplay on a server to grow, for guilds and future events to be set up, the server needs a hub. A basic one. One that anyone can go to, it's safe, easy to get to, well known and is simple enough anyone can feel welcome. For these reasons we're thinking a Stormwind bar would be perfect - most probably the 'Pig n whistle' tavern in old town. To get this bar started we're going to hold a public roleplay event (most probably called 'old town faire') that will raise awareness and popularity. After that we're going to roleplayers working as staff to give the hub abit more of a feel to it, and eventually we should be able to leave it alone as old town is a hub funtioning on it's own in many servers. We just need to get it started of. All this is going to be talked about in a public meeting that's happening soon if you want to come along give Pythania a poke. Smile

If you want to help us bring back roleplay, contact me or Merke and find out what jobs need doing. The roleplay union is looking for just a couple more roleplayers aswell, to help form a 'dedicated and concentrated team of organisers to plan events and other things for the upcoming project'.

Thank you for reading!


As a side note, I have now been asked this question 3 times.

Q: So, you are oganising a new roleplay project right? So the Shadowsong Sentinels will roleplay in Stormwind now?

A: No. No. No. No. No. We're a Night elf guild, we roleplay in Night Elven lands, and Night Elven lands (aka Kalimdor) ONLY.. Never once did I say that the Shadowsong Sentinels will come and help out ICly (in Character) with the events. This is an OOC (out of character) project, and union. The people out of my guild who are helping to get some roleplay back in Eastern Kingdoms, including myself will be making humans alts. Keeping in mind that the majoirty of the Organiser's jobs will be done OOCly and wont actually be much need for roleplay as odd as that may sound. So in asnwer to your question in short. NO. We're staying in Kalimdor, we're staying in Ashenvale forever and always and never sailing the sea. Smile

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[A] [RP] Alliance RP Project! - by Pythania
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