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 [RPPvP] The Stonetalon Conflict - By Jahraka

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PostSubject: [RPPvP] The Stonetalon Conflict - By Jahraka   Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:18 am

Week 2 of the Kalimdor campaign. copied from: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=14332967565&sid=1

Quote :
Status Report: Stonetalon Mountains

Alliance forces occupy northern Stonetalon Mountains after arrival roughly 5 days ago on the shores of Feralas. After receiving news of a swift moving strike force entering Horde territory thru the Charred Vale local fighters have been assembled to intercept them before reaching Sun Rock Retreat.

First encounters have been in the high passages to the Tauren settlement. The defending Horde forces however where taken by surprise and quickly pushed back till the battle was directly within Sun Rock Retreat.

Heavy losses injured and killed Tauren civilians. Defeat and final retreat into southern Stonetalon.
The roads in the territory are dangerous, unprotected, Alliance scouts have been reported several times. Since couple of days no news about large activity from their united forces has been reported.

Assumed location: Stonetalon Peak.

Current occupation: Hired to secure the occupied territory, destroy or drive out Alliance presence from these lands.

Possible plans of enemy forces. According to the few rogue reports they are heavy armed but not fully supplied. The way back to their ships would probably make them loose occupied positions. We can assume they prepare another push to get control over the southern canyons and valleys just as the crossroad to Windshear Crag.

This position would give them access to the tunnel leading into Ashenvale where they could gather supplies from Astranaar just as reinforce their main host with more Sentinels and Kal’Dorei druids.
Objective: Build a strong barricade where the roads split and reinforce Malaka’Jin with Horde troops. Organize an offensive and secure fully the partly isolated Sun Rock Retreat village. Push Alliance forces into Stonetalon Peak, trap them and annihilate.

Denying them to reach Ashenvale is essential; reinforcing the Ashenvale front could probably turn the tides of battle in the Alliances favor.


What: Large-scale world PvP event with an RP background story.
Location: Stonetalon
Date: Saturday 21th August
Time: 20.00 Realm Time (CET)

Alliance gathering point: Stonetalon Peak
Horde gathering point: Malaka’Jin


Victory is decided by winning rounds. The first battle will occur once Horde has scouted the Alliance forces. Depending on the outcome of the battle Alliance will push forward in case of winning or retreat in case of losing.

To improve quality and organization of the event the organizers introduce a new way of leading the battles. So called ‘strategic points’ will be the objective to secure. All strategic points will have priory selected ‘safe zones’ where after each battle –both- factions will retreat (one for each faction).The idea of that is despite having won the point or not, that safe passage is given to players who run to retrieve their corpses. Winning or losing a strategic point will be announced in the raid by the raid leader or assistants.

Live conversations with the opposing faction raid leader will exist at all time and once a round is finished it will be announced so quick regrouping can be achieved leading to the next battle.
For any complains about behavior such as: Corpse Camping, not following the realms RP policy or other please contacts the raid leader/organizers immediately. If violations to the realm and event rules are existent measures shall be taken as quickly as possible.

For roleplayers, deaths do not happen in character. We do not want to end anyone’s story over this. You may play as injured should you “die” due to game mechanics, but this is entirely up to you and how you decide to play it.

Staying in character is recommended, but not required, respecting the realm RP policy however is mandatory. Everyone is free to attend, and everyone is equally welcomed.


Note that if your character is not able to attend due to ‘being neutral’ or anything similar, we request your presence on an alt or simply by pretending to be someone else for a day.

There is cross-faction communication between the two organisers; Jahraka/Dalios – Merke

The consequence of this battle is decided by who wins, storylines are ready for both outcomes.

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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[RPPvP] The Stonetalon Conflict - By Jahraka
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