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 A world of uncertain politics.

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Kaylima Shadewood

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PostSubject: A world of uncertain politics.   Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:29 pm

The elf looked into the small hand held mirror, the figured dressed entirely in black with just her green eyes showing stared back. She left out a soft sigh, and pulled herself slowly up on the metal staff, and made her way out of the small jungle shelter.
"It's time, come" She stated to the two waiting scouts. She wondered if they were as nervous as she was about the coming mission. If they were, they weren't showing it, and she would be damned if she would. With her strongest looking walk, she struggled out of the jungle, towards the horde settlement, where a zeppelin was waiting to take them to the Undercity, followed by her scouts. She hoped the Ashen Order's ambassador would be there, light knows what might become of her scouts if they found themselves trapped in the Undercity.

She watched the glades pass under them as the zeppelin made its way to the tower, below her a figure approached the tower. Once down the forsaken introduced himself as Mr Velas, and welcomed them to the undercity "Your safe...for now" his worrying warning ring in the ears of the elf.
They entered the throne room, there were seven lined up with a grinning Xoran sat in the throne. No sign of the ambassador however. This would not go well without him. She delayed, trying to dodge the implied threats and insults that were being thrown at her and her scouts.
At last the Ambassador arrived, apparently unexpectedly to the house. Good, perhaps now they'd end their childish games and they could get to business.
"The Silent Eye has come to negiote terms for a pact of non agression between our two guilds." she stated.
"You have terms?" Exclaimed Xoran. He looks surpised
"This is a treaty, of course there are terms. They are:
THe house and the eye agree to end all hostile actions against one another.
The house will make prior appointment if they so wish to speak with the eye,
Meetings will consist of no more than three members of each side and with an agreed third party."
She looked up after reading them to the grinning line of faces. Are they laughing at us? They think we are nothing but entertainment
Xoran laughed at the elf, and simply offered "The legion of the house shall not engage your "scouts" in military action for the time being, and if you at any time manage to concoct a more appropraite treaty, I shall be glad to hear it."
The elf thought the words though quickly. They were meaningless, and committed the house to nothing. Signing a treaty like that would be a waste of time. She rejected it, unimpressed with the pleased look on his face. Then, without further word he throw her out.

She stared at the figures below her once more from the zeppelin as it left. So the house mean to destroy us? It can be the only reason they'd refuse a treaty like that with such a poor offer in return. Very well then, the eye will prepare for war. But first, I need to speak to the rest of the pact. She turned to her scouts, with fresh orders to send.

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Kaylima Shadewood

Number of posts : 11
Age : 32
Location : Cambridge
Registration date : 2009-11-27

PostSubject: Re: A world of uncertain politics.   Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:52 pm

((Its occurred to me I might have been rude in not actually asking the people I've mentioned in the story if they mind me putting them in it. Very sorry I didn't think about that, if there is anything you disagree with, let me know, I'm happy to edit it Smile ))
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PostSubject: Re: A world of uncertain politics.   Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:32 pm

((provided it's a (fairly) accurate account of what happened, most people don't have any objection to being included in other people's stories. Anyway, it seems fine to me. Nice to see something new in this section as its been a while Smile ))

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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PostSubject: Re: A world of uncertain politics.   

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A world of uncertain politics.
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