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 [RP] A.I.M Rebuild - by Terdinand

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PostSubject: [RP] A.I.M Rebuild - by Terdinand   Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:41 pm

Jahraka was sitting over his desk in the Princess Island headquarter officer, the Bloodtusk Company. The dim light was shining over some yellow paper sheets and right next to it was a quill and ink, it was time to start anew and set foot on the inland.

“Commander Terdinand,

You are commissioned to execute the inland mission according to Order XI of the A.I.M. documentary.
Additional supplies will be sending within the upcoming weeks just as the last troops from our South Sea stations. I’ve decided to seize control of the whole organization because of the Governors lack of action and instability on the Island.
In the name of a better future and the prosperity of the whole organization I am in charge now.
Because of the circumstances any negotiations with official A.I.M. enemies, outlaws or Redclaw rebels is prohibited.
I believe that judgment will lead the inland branch to prosperity.

Signed: Commander Jahraka Bloodtusk

Terdinand was reading the letter over again, after a short pause glancing into the distance he went to the nearest notice board and nailed following message to it…

Azerothian Intercontinental Mercenaries Wants You
Are you skilled in close combat fight, gifted in any arts of magic or veteran of the great Wars?
Do you seek earning gold by doing what you can do best?

Seek no more and send a filled in recruitment template to the A.I.M. office at any Steamwheedle Port.
What do we offer?

Professional leadership proven at any combat zone over Azeroth.
Fast and efficient way of earning gold by selling –your- fighting skills to commander in need.
No matter what rewards you’re looking to get from your spare time, you’ll find them by joining a Mercenary Band within them A.I.M. organization.

Whether you’re looking for the physical challenge of constant fighting the Alliance, the mental challenge of learning new skills and applying them, or you want to be part of a unique team, there’s an aspect of life as a M.E.R.C. that appeals to just about everyone.

All you need is a basic standard of fitness, a readiness to get involved and a few hours spare each week. Training will do the rest.

----------------------------------------------------------OOC Information----------------------------------------------

Azerothian Intercontinental Merceneries (Azerothian Inland Mercs In-game) is a Rp-PvP guild, who ofcourse, focus largely on just those parts, especially World-PvP.

We will organize guild-events as well as public events once we get more recruits.

For an application please visit our website -http://ahoy-blackhands.darkbb.com/-

That pretty much covers it, if you have any questions, you can either visit our website, ask in this thread or talk to a member in-game.

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[RP] A.I.M Rebuild - by Terdinand
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