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 [A] - [RP] Greenale Tavern! by Kimberline

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PostSubject: [A] - [RP] Greenale Tavern! by Kimberline   Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:39 am

The Greenale tavern in the park district of Stormwind City is proud announce that it will be opening shortly!

*Posters around Stormwind City*

Come one and all! Relax, enjoy, be entertained and raise a fine pint of ale! The Greenale tavern is planned to open on the 14th of July, in the park district, Stormwind. The entry is free and you wont be able to resist the fine-tasting dishes and drinks! So what in the world are you waiting for? Give yourself a break, strole on down to the Greenale tavern today...You wont find any better!



Hey everyone!

As you might have gathered, the Greenale tavern is a roleplay tavern (Alliance side ofcourse) that plans to bring as much roleplay into one area as possible. There's no fixed hub on Alliance side at the moment, so this is why the GA tavern has been made!

We would like just afew more people to help out, with IC/roleplaying as staff etc. Just contact me for that, it would be a big help.
We also need people to, and this would be a big help, spread the word about it opening!

Thank you, and the thread will be updated soon.

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[A] - [RP] Greenale Tavern! by Kimberline
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