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 [RP] Aengel Bloodmoon's rebirth

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Manovan Marrowsteel


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PostSubject: [RP] Aengel Bloodmoon's rebirth   Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:53 pm

This is hastily written. I apologize for that. ^^

Uhrian Bloodmoon limped down the stairway into the basement of his mansion. Eager to get down, he barely even leaned to his cane. The burning eternal pain in his crippled leg seemed calm for the moment. Almost six months ago, his rebellious slave Manovan Marrowsteel had been caught by his cousin, the death knight Dunbaton Marrowsteel, on the tundras outside of Icecrown Citadel. He had been dragged into Queen Sylvanas' Royal Chamber and been executed with the help of Uhrian's arcane ritual.

The Bloodmoon Clan hadn't come to terms with the Forsaken. Fortunately politics were involved and since the clan had played a big part in protecting Quel'Thalas and the Blood Elves against the Scourge threat, there wasn't enough evidence for the Forsaken to do anything against them. Not only was the clan sent back to Silvermoon with their heads high – they had helped putting down the terrorist Manovan after all – but the death knight had also permanently retired into his family tomb.

They would no longer be connected to the terrorism against the Horde. And the only man who had been close enough to bring them down was forever gone. The Marrowsteels were gone but the Bloodmoons lived on. There were rumors about a third Marrowsteel serving the Forsaken, but that was none of their concern.

What was Uhrian's concern was hiding in his basement. A machine, formerly known as the Bloodwell, but now something completely different. Since the Sunwell had been restored there was never any need to complete it. And the death knight had already destroyed it once.

Now it was merely the prison it used to be. Uhrian's father, Azaiel Moonflower, had been creating prisons used to hold magical beings in Dalaran's Violet Hold. This machine was basically the same. But the man that it had strapped to the wall was neither a magical being nor a prisoner. It was Uhrian's young half-brother Aengel Bloodmoon. A boy and the cause of a tragedy. Their mother had been raped by a beast in man's clothing; an azure dragon with a mad temper. Kirin Tor had quickly put it down and they feared the child would become a monster. Instead it was as pure as snow.

But the purity had been easily colored. As soon as the Sunwell was tainted, Aengel fell into a wretched state. He had an affinity to arcane magic and the corruption was too great for him to withstand. While the High Elves became the Blood Elves, Aengel was strapped to the wall through the magical prison to keep him and others safe. When the Sunwell was restored, he was already too far gone.

But they refused to give up hope.

When Uhrian entered the room, he recognized his younger brother Saleos resting on a bench before the great machine. In front of him was Aengel on the wall, unconscious with wires into his body and his head hidden under enchanted runecloth. Behind him was a great tube where the deceased terrorist warlock floated. Saleos had constructed the machine to conserve the already rotten body from fully decaying.

“Is it time, brother?” Uhrian asked.

Saleos hadn't noticed him. He was taking a sip of alcohol and looked at his older brother with a smile. Uhrian had noticed that Saleos was even more pale than before and his eyes were much darker. It had happened since he travelled to Northrend. He couldn't even imagine what his brother had witnessed in Northrend's snow, but he had noticed an emptiness inside him.

The only thing that had kept Saleos going over the years had been the hope of saving Aengel. And now was the chance.

“The machine is complete”, Saleos said. “And since the phantom is gone, Aengel should not reject the transfer.”

The phantom referred to Manovan Marrowsteel, a former paladin who had been summoned inside the dead body of a Kirin Tor wizard. Two minds lived as one. One of them was their father's disciple and the legacy of his knowledge.

“Where's Ewah?” Saleos continued. “Surely she must witness the rebirth of her brother.”

“She won't come”, Uhrian said. “She said that watching the transfer would be like removing the last of Eligor from this world. It is too much for her.”

“But the Heart of Azaiel?”

“It's right here”, said Uhrian and held up a pendant with a darkly blood-red bloodstone in its socket. Its former glow had been gone since Manovan's execution.

“So that is the rumored Heart of Azaiel?” said a dark, cackling voice from the darkness of the room.

Uhrian twitched a little and noticed two glowing, red eyes in the shadows of the room. Saleos remained calm and didn't even turn to look. He seemed to already know who was there. From the shadows stepped a black tauren dressed in red, purple and more black. He looked at the pendant in Uhrian's hand and scratched his chin.

“Chewakk Grimtotem”, Uhrian said. “I haven't seen you in years.”

“He's been helping me out”, Saleos mumbled. “But he and clockwork is like night and day.”

“It's a pleasure, Master Uhrian”, the tauren said. “I've taken a liking to your clan since you executed my former master.”

“And your strength is welcome in this family, Chewakk”, Uhrian said with a smile. “I heard you claimed your bear form in an unorthodox way.”

Chewakk grinned and flexed his arms. “The bear spirit can't refuse my strength. And my will wouldn't be broken even if the Earthmother herself stuck her tits up the ground.”

“You truly are a dark druid, Chewakk”, Uhrian said and chuckled. He gave the pendant to Saleos who placed it around Aengel's neck.

Saleos stepped back and nodded to Uhrian. “It's now or never.”

“Are you sure this will work?”

“You can never be sure”, he said. “But my engineering rarely fails me. The worst thing that can happen is that it explodes.”

“Can you explain in brief what is going to happen here, Master Saleos?” Chewakk asked while stepping back from the clockwork around him.

“Well”, Saleos said. “We already know that the bloodstone pendant is linked to the body in the tank. And we know that the body in the tank keeps the legacy of our father's work. This machine should be able to transfer that knowledge from the corpse into Aengel. When he then awakens, he will be the legacy of our clan and the library of our wisdom.”

The tauren nodded.

“As he always should have been”, Uhrian filled in. “He was always the only one suited for the gift. But he wasn't our father's child. Even Eligor, his disciple, was more of a son to him than Aengel was. But we could never access the wisdom since Eligor became Manovan.”

“This arcane magic is complicated and dangerous”, Chewakk said. “But it's fascinating nonetheless.”

Saleos walked up to a lever at a wall, waited for his brother's command and then pulled it. Buzzes were heard from the machines. Clinking clockwork were at work. The fluid in which the warlock floated glowed like green ooze and the enchanted runecloth around Aengel's head glittered in the darkness of the room.

Suddenly, the pendant started to glow.
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PostSubject: Re: [RP] Aengel Bloodmoon's rebirth   Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:00 pm

pirat pirat pirat pirat pirat

5 out of 5, I guess this pretty much answers the debacle of you playing or not playing Wink

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PostSubject: Re: [RP] Aengel Bloodmoon's rebirth   Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:58 pm

I really got into the stories of the Bloodmoon clan so its good to see them return Smile

and nice to have you back in WoW Smile

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Manovan Marrowsteel


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PostSubject: Re: [RP] Aengel Bloodmoon's rebirth   Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:33 pm

I thought it could be a good time to start leveling up Aengel who has been a level 1 mage in my character selection screen since the beginning of TBC. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: [RP] Aengel Bloodmoon's rebirth   

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[RP] Aengel Bloodmoon's rebirth
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