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 [RP] House of Sylvanas recruits!

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PostSubject: [RP] House of Sylvanas recruits!   Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:43 pm

Deep within the valvles and intestines of the Undercity the House of Sylvanas have long operated affairs within the Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner's vast realm. Sprawling from the southern tips of Northrend to the lower borders of Arathi Highlands, the Forsaken have long brooded now.

The Dark Lady has thus ordered her House's ranks to be bolstered and put to a better use. The Dark Lord Archnazg Magnark has now returned to lead the Royal House onto these goals. He has called for recruitment on all levels. Crypt Barons are needed to oversee the different faculties within the House and Forsaken realm. Lower ranked initiates must be spawned and trained into champions of the Banshee.

Now, a new path for the Forsaken is clear. To become the superpower of the Horde and be rid of those who wish to compromise them.

How to apply!? See bottom.

What we want
- People willing to dedicate a bit more time to RP, some officers are needed.
- People will ideas for what the guild could be and do
- Anyone interested in Forsaken RP
- Undead or blood elf characters alliegned to the Forsaken
- Rolplayers of any experience level
- Anyone willing to have fun in RP!!

What we offer:
- Forsaken RP
- Roleplaying of a darker nature aswell as generic RP.
- Regular events
- Casual RP
- Experienced leadership

Our plans for the future
- To once again become a major RP guild on the server
- To have cross faction RP and RPPVP
- A lot of cross guild RP within the Horde/Bloodpact

Apply via our website ( www.houseofsylvanas.forumakers.com ) or contact Colbourne/Magnark ingame if interested in officer role.

Recommended age: 18+

GM of HoS
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PostSubject: Re: [RP] House of Sylvanas recruits!   Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:37 am

I took the chance to edit your post so the link to your forums works as a direct link (just clicky)

I assume you've finished your studies for this semester then?

All in all good luck with finding more forsaken!

Son of a Biscuit Eater!
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PostSubject: Re: [RP] House of Sylvanas recruits!   Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:35 am

Thanks ST and yeah, all done and passed!! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: [RP] House of Sylvanas recruits!   

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[RP] House of Sylvanas recruits!
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