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 [RP] Another number on the list - by Kaeden < Stormwind Militia >

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PostSubject: [RP] Another number on the list - by Kaeden < Stormwind Militia >   Thu May 27, 2010 1:49 pm

((Copied from: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=13593419780&sid=1 - Vyp))

Zul'Drak, late afternoon.
Standard Argent Crusade patrol.

"let's see.. 3, 5.. 7.. 8.. Oi! Hanssen! I've got eight over here, how many on your side?"
"All wearing alliance armour?"

The Argent footman grunted. Another twelve to the list. He kicked one of the now-dead undead corpses, and noticed something strange about it. Different armor. He bended over and took a closer look, even though the stench was horrible. The unlucky induvidual had been a human, as far as he could judge, and he was about to move on when he spotted something tucked inside the armor; some folded up paper. hm.

"Sanders! What's the hold-up?"

The footman quickly grabbed the sheets of paper, tucking them in his own armor, and replied.
"Nothing nothing, be there in a second."

Zul'Drak, early evening.
The Argent stand.

Sanders finally lifted his feet off the dirt, and started unstrapping his armor. The folded sheets of paper he found earlier fell out, he had forgotten about them. He picked them up, sat down, and unfolded them. What he held now appeared to be a map of Northrend as used by many people in the area, with several locations marked. Nothing out of the ordinary. He was about to throw it on the fire when he saw writing on the back, of a black, crusty kind. Dried-up blood. He frowned, and started reading.

To the person who found me,

If I caused you any trouble or harm in my 'afterlife', I apologise, and wish to thank you for laying me to rest if you did so. My name is Kaeden Dourhand, paladin of the Light, and I can feel the plague coursing through my veins at the moment I write this. It will not be long until death takes me and then does with me as he pleases, so I will be short. Please send word to the Stormwind Militia so that they know of my fate, and deliver the message below to the adress provided. Thank you, and may the Light be with you, for it is no longer with me.

Sanders scanned the lower part of the message; a personal letter, with an adress, nothing he was entitled to read. He tore the map in half, seperating the two parts of the message, and then headed for the communications officer to sent both messages on their way. This was nothing new, another number in the list.

((Yep, that's Kaeden out. See you guys when I see ya. Those who know me will know how to contact me.))
R.I.P. Adra.
R.I.P. Arsath.
Is Aghandor.[i]

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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[RP] Another number on the list - by Kaeden < Stormwind Militia >
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