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 Old Friends

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PostSubject: Old Friends   Sun May 23, 2010 10:22 pm

Nervous. Probably the best way to describe how Jahraka felt right now being in enemy territory, waiting, in a bar, for a old friend not knowing if he still thinks they are friends. Menethil Harbor has always been a good place to take shelter if discrete, even for non-humans. He looked at the bottle of fine red rum moving silently from one edge of the short wooden table to the other, the fact that he was on a ship couldn’t be ignored even if he wanted too.

At least he was alone, only the owner of this place who he bribed was in the next room; still he kept his weapons close and constantly eyed the room in dim candle light. A noise, someone was coming aboard – instinctively grabbing his dagger under the table and now staring to the wide open door.

The figure of a tall man appeared on the door, slowly making his way towards Jahraka coming closer to the light. A sight of relief, it was Emilian. Tall, finely shaved with his seemingly never changing ‘duelist’ style wearing Haliscan vest and pants, finest silk. The polished rapier on his side adding confidence in his eyes. Jahraka unwillingly smiled, he knew that if he attended, especially like this, he is out of money and will listen to his proposal. Unlike other retired operatives Emilian always cared more for his appearance rather than his well being, if he had the money he would be in brothels, bars and most importantly – gambling tables. But if he lacked the funds he would from look and manners pass as some chivalrous knight of old!

The human sat down without asking for permission or exchanging a word. Born as enemies, yet sitting at one table the look of a troll and human in this moment seemed almost silly.

“I be glad ya arr ‘ere, Benitez, ya’ve not disappointing.”

“It is good to see a pair of tusks who don’t greet you with a stone axe, Commander, you’ve very briefly mentioned the purpose of this meeting in your letter, you might wanna cut the formalities and come to the point?”

“Listen, Emil, ya’ve done great deeds in dah past, the islands far to dah south remember ya name and have sent me requestin’ ya service once again…”

“I am done since long with the life of a mercenary, listen Jahraka you waste you…”

“Ya listen to me, because dis tricks might work on others bu’ we know each other. Broken Axe doesn’t accept a no as ah answer, mon.”

“So the old orc still draws breath? If he would have died in the Second War as he was supposed to so many things would be different now, we both wouldn’t be here. But what is it you might possible want from a humble servant of the Alliance?”

Jahrakas face turned into a hideous grin, but he realized himself, he didn’t want to offend his partner. Not when he needed him.

“A.I.M. suffered many losses o’ dah troubles in dah south, we’ve lost dah mercenary station in Stranglethorn Vale…we be gatherin’ veterans to help get grip o’ dah situation…we ain’ expectin’ ya workin’ fo’ free, of course it be…”

“You truly want to offend me, Bloodtusk? You honestly believe I shall draw my weapon for anything else then lord and land? I’ve attended here for the sake of the years, willing or unwillingly, spend in your company in the South Seas to fight for a living, however this shall be no more. Your fight is not mine, and no riches of this world or beyond could pursue me to go to war, once again.”

“Ya words be false, ya was once a fighter like no other, ya seek out fo’ dah ol days an’ fightin’!”

Emilian shook his head with disapproval.

“Not anymore…” he said and got up.

“Your coming here will remain untold of; you have my word, but do not seek me out anymore for your war and the troubles I’ve left years ago.”

Turning around he made slowly but confidently his way to the door, Emilian stopped.

“Go find Sandros, I’ve last heard of him about a year ago, he resides somewhere in the Sin’dorei capital they say. Do not travel with much hope to find greater support then here, though, there are reasons why we left…good luck…”

Jahraka starred at the rum bottle…slowly rolling from one side of the table to another…

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Number of posts : 1519
Age : 27
Location : Bulgaria
Registration date : 2008-05-28

PostSubject: Re: Old Friends   Tue May 25, 2010 2:48 pm

“Please wait outside, I will inform my Master of your coming.”

Jahraka just nodded at the elf, watching him disappear down the stairs. The ruins of Silvermoon, what a fitting a place for a forsaken to design his own ‘crypt’, two days have passed since he met Emilian, the traveling exhausted him but there was no time to rest.

Half way to Silvermoon he was intercepted by the parrot message, he would have to come up with something now, there is no way he would make it to Dalaran and…

“My Master awaits you, please come in.”

Entering the lower levels of the ruins he soon had to realize this is not a crypt, it’s a mansion! Silk curtains hung everywhere in the fashion of the Sin’dorei and entering a hall he saw the common piles of pillows and water pipes on the ground.

On the far side of the room he saw two yellow dots glowing, starring in his direction. He stepped slowly for removing his cloak showing that he carries no weapons.

“You’re coming surprises me, Commander, does trouble bring you to my haven?”

“It be good hearin’ from ya again, Swampy, I see ya’ve truly made somethin’ out o’ ya share, and aye I wish we would met under bettah circumstances.”

“Have a seat, rest, you shall be safe here…but do not waste your breath in speeches, I have no desire in war and the sorrow it brings. All I wish is to wait till the end of my days, in here…”

Jahraka noticed in the dim light many books around the figure which answered to the name of Swampy, many more were in a library behind him.

“You’ve been one o’ dah best at ya time, Sandros, ya should not close the doors fo’ a comin’ back…Emilian told me I could find ya ‘ere, I’ve come to seek counsel today, I be needin’ information…I be hopin’ ya can help me out…”

“I am deaf and blind to the world outside, I do not and do not want to know what is happening, you’re travels are in vain.”

“Ya know bout wha’ is happened to dah headquarters, ya know bout dah documents in dah dungeons, ya know bout dah inland documentary…I need ya. I knowin’ no common riches and please ya, I bring a gift…”

Jahraka took out a small wrapped in linen cloth package at first sight, removing the cloth it revealed itself a small book in black. Handing it over Sandros gave it a short glimpse and placed it next to a pile of dusty books.

“I be needin’ ya to find one o’ ya sort, he was a contractor in dah Inland division an’ former pirate in the Blackhands vessel, we called ‘im Mad Doc an’ his servant referred to him just Master. However in dah old logbooks I found out he be called Elaver…find ‘im fo’ me, he be o’ great importance…”

“I see you leave me no choice? I’ll see what I can do for you…”

“Dah othah ting be, send out a mon to dah Filthy Animal, one of the ol Bounty Hunters…he needs to meet there with a ol contractor loyal to Broken Axe, do dis an’ A.I.M. be in ya debt!”

“So you come in the name of the company? I have my doubts but if Emilian sends you…be it your will. Now give me some answers…do not worry, dead man tell no tales...”

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Old Friends
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