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 More then just a mercenary...

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PostSubject: More then just a mercenary...   Sun May 16, 2010 9:45 am

“Give em a last volley!”

“Right away Commander!”

“Their sinking! Their sinking! Take that pirate scum! Commander, their last ship turns around, the battle is won!”

Could it be? Did they really were leaving? Jahraka took out his spyglass just to see the sails of a pirate vessel burning entering the depths of the ocean while another ship was swiftly disappearing into the horizon.

The sound of cannons could be heard.

“Hold ya fire mons! Dis be it fo’ today, dey learned tharr lesson, set course back to dah Island…”


What a strange view, the docks empty, so are the streets. The troll made his way to the Blades for Hire tavern to find it just as abandoned, cowards, he thought to himself. Upstairs he found a goblin scribe bend over a much taller desk. The quill scratching old yellow pages could be heard, he hated that sound.

“Dah report be ready?”

“Ah-ah, Jahraka! I didn’t hear ya coming in, congratulations I’ve already been told about your great victory against the pirates, we shouldn’t see them again so soon!”

“Dah report…”

“Yes yes, just finishing now…aaand done! Now just the seal of the Governor and we…”

“Read it.”

The goblin threw a hostile look into Jahrakas direction but cleared his throat, poked once his nose and started reading

“A.I.M. Battle Report – Princess Island,

4th to 5th moon riot and pirate attack summary of battle events and statistics…”

“Skip dah bureaucracy an’ just say dah tings I need to know!”

Mumbling and low swearing could be heard…

“Enemies encountered – approximate 200 to 250 warriors, brigands, pirates and rebels just as former mercenary contractors.

14 major battles, 9 on sea, 5 on Princess Island.

Losses: 68 A.I.M. operatives killed while on duty, 12 missing and 53 injured. 23 of the wounded won’t be able to fully recover and serve again.

34 civilians were killed during the riots on the Island.

7 of the pirates have been captured and are currently kept in the dungeons for interrogations.

All enemy leaders were able to escape.

A total damage to the Island and the company has been estimated around 8 000 pieces of gold or 1500 heavy gold bars…”

“Who takes care o’ dah prisoners?”

“Ockham should be right now trying to get some information out of em…”

“Where be Grum and the staff?”

“He left the Island shortly after the riots started, he resides now in Booty Bay…”

“Lower the number of civilians in dah report, contact Grum an’ tell him to start the press again, in arr favour, send out parrot messengers to all retired A.I.M. operatives and call em back ‘ere…and put bounties on all dis mongrels who thought dey could drive us out a’ ‘ere!”

“We don’t have the financial resources to send any bounty hunters after them, get this out of your head, it won’t happen!”

“Just do it, once their dead we be thinkin’ o’ somethin’ to pay em of…now get to work at once!”

Son of a Biscuit Eater!
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More then just a mercenary...
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