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 [RP] [A] Avengers of New Avalon - by Amilna

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PostSubject: [RP] [A] Avengers of New Avalon - by Amilna   Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:53 pm

((copied from: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=12947242511&sid=1 ))

For too long has the Undeath ben spread upon our land! They killed our citzens, destroyed our settlements.

The Avengers of New Avalon is a new Roleplay Project being built up. I know there is alot of scarlet guilds out there (two of what I know) but this Scarlet Guild is going to be settled in ruins of Scarlet Enclave (Death Knights Starting place) trying to rebuild it. The plan is to have citzens/builders, Defenders, priests/bishops/clerics etc.
The Requirments are that you have to be Human or Dwarf. (might take one or two gnomes.)
When it comes to Classes.
Death Knight is not Joinable for the moment. The reason is obvious. The Scarlet hates Undeath.
Rest are welcome.
The project will be heavy Roleplay and will have a "career" system.

Career System
The Career system works like this following, when you join. You may choose to be a:
Priest and work in the chapel and heal wounded members,
Citzen/builder that will work around the town and try to rebuild it and live in it,
Defender that defends the town and patrol around it,
Prison Warden might be with Defenders, this will gaurd the prison and execute prisoners,
Lumberjack cuts down trees for wood supplies around Havenshire, (limited slots at the moment)
Miner mines stone and metal in the mines,
Councillor the councill of New Avalon is the leaders and resides in the Town Hall (limited Slots)
Blacksmith makes weapons and armor to the Defenders, also makes other things made out of metals,
Prisoner, yes you can even choose to be a prisoner, as a prisoner you may be any race. You can even come on a horde character. But that might be hard to communicate.

There is also subranks in these, like example, Footman, Captain etc...

For More info Send a mail or whisper Amilna, Tangi, Altres or JalÚn
Horde Contact for those prisoners: Torwath, Vaaliandre (aint on those so oftern)

Best Regards
The New Avalon Team.

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[RP] [A] Avengers of New Avalon - by Amilna
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