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 Alliance Military Colaboration! - by Gavinar

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PostSubject: Alliance Military Colaboration! - by Gavinar   Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:45 am

Dear Honorable Commander..

It is with great honor and pride, that I request you're presence, as I plan to form a Military Alliance, between all the forces, to bolster our numbers, and defense against the Horde, you will need to send two representatives, perhaps yourself, as I plan to form a weekly meeting between the Alliance's leaders, to stronger form military actions that need to be taken. And I would like you're feedback on the plan.

Yours faithfully Commander Gavinar Grayblade.

I have Currently sent Letters to the Leading Alliance Military Roleplaying Guilds on SSL, The Third Lion Regiment, the Stormwind Militia, the Legion of the Wolf, Stormwind's Holy Order, The Shadowsong Sentinels, The Scarlet Offensive but I am sure there are plenty of other smaller Military Roleplaying Guilds I have forgotten so have made this post. Basicly this council will have a weekly Meeting, to shed light on the threats to the Alliance, so we can take decisive Action against them.

This will include alot of Roleplaying Events and Oppurtunities.

Matthew Wilson

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Alliance Military Colaboration! - by Gavinar
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