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 The death of Manovan and the permanent ending of the story

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Manovan Marrowsteel


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PostSubject: The death of Manovan and the permanent ending of the story   Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:14 am

Sir Dunbaton Marrowsteel said nothing. He marched through the darkness of the Undercity, followed by a squad of heavily armed undead soldiers, a small group of priests from the Church of the Forgotten Shadow and a handful of ghouls controlled by his own strong will. His runeblade glew with an intimidating blue glow while hanging over his cape of black and red silk. The cape covered an even darker armor protected by powerful enchantments. The shining black plate gave the illusion of having a will of its own as the weak of mind could clearly see what appeared to be trapped souls screaming in agony within the armor's plates. This, however, was no more than an illusion.

What wasn't an illusion was that the death knight dragged a man in heavy chains. The undead man was barely dressed, had a faint red glow in his rotting eyes and had his mouth sealed shut by a thick piece of runecloth. A faint green demonic glow could be seen emanating from the prisoner in the darkness of the Undercity.

Around them cheered the citizens of this dark haven. Men, women and children – the majority were Forsaken – threw rotten food and spat at the prisoner who were too drugged to react or respond. The march continued to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner's royal chamber.

As sir Dunbaton and his prisoner entered the royal chamber, the queen herself waited with her royal guards, ambassadors of the Horde and many selected participants of what seemed to be a court of justice. The death knight stepped in front of the queen's throne where he dropped the prisoner's chains and kneeled before his royalty.

“My Queen Sylvanas Windrunner”, he said with a hint of pride in his jaw-less gutter-speech. “A few years ago, I made an oath that I would redeem myself by bringing my treacherous cousin to his execution. Today I bring him here before you.”

“Excellent, Knight”, the queen replied. “You have served the Forsaken well.”

She raised her hand in a gesture, calling forth an undead man dressed in a robe in black and white linen. The man stepped forward and opened a scroll before him. He read: “Manovan Marrowsteel, you are convicted for threatening the life of the Dark Lady, attempted murder on the Dark Lady and murder on members of her court, grand theft from the Apothecarium and the bank of Undercity, murder of hundreds of civilians and soldiers serving the Forsaken, torture of highly ranked officials, destruction and vandalism of Forsaken property, threatening our kingdom by attempting to use stolen barrels of Blight against us, for being active leader in a rebellion against our kingdom as well as being active leader of a criminal syndicate attempting to take control of our trade, poison our wells and sabotaging our supplies. You are convicted for high treason and terrorism of the highest degree. The court sentences you to execution.”

The prisoner gave the man a hateful glare.

“Pardon my interruption, my lady”, Dunbaton said, still kneeling before the court. “But I request to be my cousin's executioner.”

“Request granted”, she said. “You shall decapitate him before the people.”

The doors to the chamber opened with a bang as a group of people in masks and capes entered the court. Dunbaton quickly got to his feet and put his gauntleted hand to his runeblade. Outside the doors, the queen's royal guards were seen paralyzed by a spell of some sorts.

“What's the meaning of this intrusion?” the queen cried, gesturing to the guards to attack the intruders. Two of the masked men responded to the queen's reaction by waving their hands in the air, immobilizing the guards with the same spell which had paralyzed those outside the chamber.

Dunbaton noticed what could be olive-colored ears hidden within the hoods of the intruders. He knew who they were. If he had a jaw, he would grind his teeth.

He drew his sword and charged at the intruders. One of the masked men responded by attempting to cast the same spell which had paralyzed the others, but Dunbaton countered it by raising his fist before him, silencing the caster's magic.

“Enough!” one of the masked men said. “We are not here to fight!”

He took a step forward and Dunbaton noticed he walked with a limp. The man removed his hood and showed a face scarred from torture, long, black hair and pointy, pale ears.

“I don't care!” Dunbaton cried and tossed a sinister-looking etheral arm at the crippled man before him, trying to drag him towards him but without any luck. The elves had used the same trick he had used before. It was a counter-spell.

“Lady Sylvanas ... Sir Dunbaton”, the elf said in fluent common. “My name is Uhrian Bloodmoon. I am this man's master.” He pointed at the prisoner. “I am not here to stop the court from convicting this man. Instead I'm here to give you some information.”

“Don't listen to him, my lady!” Dunbaton begged. “You know this man! He's manipulative! He fooled the court of his own people for years! It would have led to a mass-slaughter in Silvermoon unless I had managed to stop it in time!”

“I know this man and I know of the crimes of his clan”, the queen replied. “I also know that he's highly intelligent. He wouldn't dare appearing before this court without good reason. I suggest we hear what he has to say before we convict him.”

The elf smirked and Dunbaton wished once again that he had a jaw to grind his teeth.

“Thank you, my lady”, Uhrian said and bowed gracefully before the Dark Lady. “It's true that it would be foolish of me to come before you like this unless I have a bargain-ship of some kind.”

“Continue”, the queen muttered.

“First of all, let me explain to you what this prisoner means to my clan”, he said with a smirk on his face. “The Bloodmoon Clan do, as well as your honorable Forsaken, find this man and his deeds highly troublesome. We used a magical pendant to restrict his actions and try to correct his sinister ways. The stronger he became, the less successful the pendant was. We don't want any blood on our hands. This … terrorism is just an unfortunate accident caused by this man trying to break free from our control.”

“Do you expect us to believe that?” Dunbaton muttered. “I know about that pendant! And I know that you have been pulling the strings. You were co-founder of the Honored Society, the criminal syndicate who plotted against us.”

“Wishful thinking, honorable sir Dunbaton”, Uhrian continued. “Does the phrase double-agent mean anything to you? Our goal was never to rebel against you. The goal was to gain control of the criminal drug trade and the black market, and turn it in favor of our kingdom. I admit it was a criminal act, but the additional resources were important to rebuild our broken society. I take full responsibility for this but you can't convict me for these actions without representatives from Silvermoon to back up your acquisitions.”

Dunbaton muttered to himself.

“Your excuses mean little to this court, elf”, the queen said. “And like sir Dunbaton said, your pendant is not new information to us.”

“Just let me finish, my lady”, Uhrian continued. “I promised to tell you what Manovan Marrowsteel means to our clan. In fact, he means nothing to us. It is his vessel that is important. That body contains the knowledge of our clan, stretching back to centuries ago. It's information invaluable to Quel'Thalas and to the Kirin Tor.”

“You can have what's left after we've decapitated him and burned his body to ashes”, Dunbaton claimed.

Uhrian tilted his head and looked at Dunbaton with glowing green eyes. “You should know that decapitating him would mean little. He's a warlock. He's been prepared to deal with a capture such as this. You should see that killing him would mean little. He has most likely stored his soul in a shard.”

Dunbaton admitted to himself that the thought had crossed his mind. But would Manovan have had time to fragment a shard and store his soul within it? Dunbaton glanced at the silent prisoner who glared at Uhrian and the Bloodmoon elves who had arrived. The death knight noticed that he did glare at them with hate in his eyes. Was that an act too?

“Then we find that shard and destroy it!”

“Or you let us take care of this right now!” Uhrian said with a grin on his face. “Do you even know how to destroy a shard like that? It is Manovan Marrowsteel who is the criminal you're after. His body is our property and has nothing to do with you. Our people need this body and the young wizard's soul who lies dormant within it. Either you kill this prisoner right now, waiting for him to activate his soul-shard and resurrect himself … or you let me propose a deal.”

Dunbaton looked at his queen, waiting for her reply. Sylvanas rested her chin in the palm of her hand.

“Very well”, she said. “Let's hear it.”

Uhrian couldn't resist smirking in satisfaction. “Thank you, my lady”, he said. He pointed at Manovan who glared at him with eyes burning with anger and betrayal. “Manovan Marrowsteel was indeed Dunbaton's cousin, a young man and a mediocre paladin. His body was cremated years ago by the Stormwind Militia whom he once served. It was the treacherous apothecary Putress who created a phantom out of those ashes and had that phantom take control of a body, just like your banshees. You have the documentations of this experiment. The body Putress chose was our clan's servant. His name was Eligor Silver, a promising member of the Kirin Tor.”

Uhrian nodded to one of the masked elves standing next to him. The elf removed her hood and showed a golden-locked head with sad eyes. She reached for something around her neck and showed a glowing blood-red gem shaped like a heart with feathery wings.

“That pendant”, Uhrian continued. “started glowing the second Eligor's body was animated by your necromancers. We sent out scouts looking for him and found him here in Lordaeron. This was long before our peoples' alliances with each other. Since we found out what had happened to Eligor, and learned about the depraved puppet master driving his body to do evil, we started working on a way to extract that phantom from the body.”

“Please”, the blonde girl begged. “Let us do this. Eligor was my husband in life. Learning what happened to him made me miscarry his child. I just want this to end.”

“He's useless to us when he's controlled by that monster”, Uhrian stated. “We request from you to allow us to extract Manovan's soul from the body and take the body with us back to Silvermoon. After that, you are free to convict us for our crimes as you see fit.”

The members of the court looked at each other, mumbling and whispering. The prisoner said nothing but Dunbaton could swear he saw hints of horror in his eyes. There was not a single soul in the world who cared for that terrorist enough to stand by his side. It saddened Dunbaton to think about it. They were cousins after all. But there could be no going back for Manovan now. Everything would end now, one way or another.

A few minutes of mumbling filled the royal chamber. Then Sylvanas turned to the elves and stated: “We have decided to let you try your extraction method, but under these conditions: If this turns out to be a trick, we will execute all of you at once. The same if this extraction of yours fails. We are willing to give you one chance. You better make it count.”

Dunbaton was perplexed. Maybe Uhrian had spoken the truth after all. Maybe the Bloodmoon Clan were here to help. It might be better to stand idly back and let the ritual take place.

It took about an hour for the elves to draw up the runes on the floor. Manovan's skinny body was put in the middle of the runes, both chained physically and shackled to the ground by an immobilizing spell. The queen sat on her throne and the court had stepped back to observe. The elves had all removed their hoods. Twelve of them surrounded the runes and channeled a spell which made the runes glow red and make a faint thumping sound, similar to that of a heartbeat. Uhrian stood before the runes, holding a red gem big as an egg before the furious prisoner who desperately tried to fight the spells and drugs preventing him from moving.

The ritual began and the gem started glowing. Pain reached Manovan and he growled in agony. At first, his attempts to break free grew stronger and reached its peak when he managed to bite through the runecloth and shout threats to Uhrian who tried to consume Manovan's soul with the gem in his hands.

“This won't work, Uhrian!” Manovan shouted. “I will break free and eradicate your clan from the face of Azeroth!”

Eventually, Manovan started loosing his strength. His eyes glowed fainter and his voice grew weaker. Dunbaton said nothing. He stood next to Sylvanas' throne, watching over the ritual. It felt like it took forever.

Manovan fell with his face to the floor, surrounded by runes who still glew strong. He turned his face from Uhrian to Dunbaton and their eyes met. Dunbaton could swear he saw pleading in the warlock's eyes.

“Please … Dunbaton, my cousin”, Manovan stuttered. “Save me.”

The last red glow disappeared from Manovan's eyes. The elves stopped chanting and Uhrian looked at the gem he held in his hand. It radiated with red light. Dunbaton said nothing. He just looked at the body that lied in the circle of runes. It was cold and lifeless.

Uhrian walked up to the throne, nodded to Sylvanas and held up the gem before Dunbaton. “I believe you are entitled to your cousin's soul, sir Dunbaton”, Uhrian said. “Do with it as you wish.”

Dunbaton said nothing. He looked at the gem and took it in his hands. Uhrian turned to the Dark Lady. He opened his mouth to say something but was surprised by one faint

cough …

The court gasped as the body twitched in the middle the circle of runes. A faint glow was back to the body's eyes, but it was no longer red.

“I thought you said this would work, Uhrian”, Sylvanas said.

“This can't be”, he muttered.

“Ewahline”, the body stuttered.

The blonde girl looked up with tearful eyes. “Eligor?” She ran up to the body and kneeled down next to it, lifting its undead head into her lap.

Sylvanas leaned back in her throne and once again rested her chin in the palm of her hand. Uhrian stood idly by, surprised by this turn of events.

Eligor slowly moved his almost skeletal hand towards the elf who held him in her arms. “I didn't know”, he said and put his hand on her belly.

“It's okay”, she sobbed.

He said no more.

A few days later, Dunbaton walked into the tomb of his family. His own parents as well as Manovan's were buried here. Even Manovan's little sister Cianghella had been buried here more recently. He was commonly dressed but wore the crest of his clan as well as the crest of the Order of the Silver Hand for the first time since he became undead.

As he entered the tomb he made a silent prayer to those who were buried inside. He walked past the sarcophagi of his and his cousin's parents and lit a candle on an altar standing at the wall.

“I can't believe it's over”, he said, not to himself but to the glowing red gem he held tightly in his hand. “I'm sorry I couldn't save you.”

He placed the gem on the altar next to the lit candle. He looked at it for a moment and then turned around towards the door. He had declined his promotion to General and returned his runeblade and his armor to the Knights of the Ebon Blade. He closed the door to the tomb with him still inside. The tomb was dark and silent except for the flickering candle-light. He turned to the altar.

“I guess it's over for both of us, cousin”, he said and approached the altar in the silent darkness. “It's better for everyone if our clan disappears here with you. I will be here by your side forever.”

Dunbaton sat down before the altar and watched over the gem's faint glow. The candle-light eventually faded away inside this isolated tomb,

but the two cousins never did.


(( Yes, this is the ending of Manovan's story. I created this character in January 2006, when Scarshield Legion first opened, and I have developed his storyline since then. But all things eventually need to come to and end. I never wrote down the entire story (but I tried a few times), but I experienced much fun roleplay in game. I had fun playing and I hope you'll enjoy this ending. I probably won't have time to play World of Warcraft again (haven't played since fall) and I think that's for the best. I'll check up on you though, just not ingame. ))
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PostSubject: Re: The death of Manovan and the permanent ending of the story   Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:09 am

Bravo, what a wonderfull ending.

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PostSubject: Re: The death of Manovan and the permanent ending of the story   Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:22 am

great stuff as always Smile

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PostSubject: Re: The death of Manovan and the permanent ending of the story   Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:12 pm

Such a great ending. Even to a reader who isn't fully aware of all the subtle details of the whole story, this is capturing. Bravo.
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PostSubject: Re: The death of Manovan and the permanent ending of the story   

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The death of Manovan and the permanent ending of the story
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