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 [World RPPVP Event] Venture Bay - by Dalios

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PostSubject: [World RPPVP Event] Venture Bay - by Dalios   Sat Feb 20, 2010 8:57 am

Dalios was approaching the Tower of Azora, it has been some time since he was back in Elwynn Forest but felt his place wasn’t here at the moment. Duty is duty, he passed on the message as requested by his superior.

To Sir Gavinar Grayblade,

I contact you on behalf of Marshal Jonathan Wellesley from the First Lordaeron Regiment. Your exceptionall skills and courage in battle have caught the eye of the officers.

As in our Campaign, supported by the Holy Light, we still struggle to pass the Lordaeron borders into the Forsaken realm.

Your name is mentioned in battles behind these lines and beyond, till Northrend. The Marshal has started a battle plan upon the Horde bases in Northrend to weaken their economy and assure victory in Lordaeron.

As current Knight-Lieutenant Elena Morrisey is away on duty I have been send into the Grizzly Hills to assist Captain Gryan Stoutmantle and the Westfall Brigade to secure Alliance domination in this territory.

These times are dire and we have send part of the voluntary forces to aid the battle, however to achieve victory at all cost we need further reinforcements. Send a reply as soon as possible back via the footman who brought you this message.
Humbly I remain,

Sir Roland.


What: Large-scale world PvP event with an RP background story.
Location: Venture Bay, Grizzly Hills
Date: Saturday, 20 February 2010
Time: 20.00 Realm Time (CET)

For roleplayers, deaths do not happen in character. We do not want to end anyone’s story over this. You may play as injured should you “die” due to game mechanics, but this is entirely up to you and how you decide to play it.

Respecting the RP policy is mandatory, Role Playing is optional.



Corpse-camping is not allowed.

The event is a testing a new concept based on fair play (see rule above) and common sense when fighting in a contested zone. If you die, get to your corpse instead of wait till everyone else is down. When you resurrect, do not stand in front of the Horde/Alliance and expect to let them recover and –then- move away, mount up and retreat to a safe point where you attack with your faction as once.


Note that if your character is not able to attend due to ‘being neutral’ or anything similar, we suggest the presence on an alt or simply by pretending to be someone else for a day.

For additional info concerning the event ask in the thread or in game Jahraka or Gavinar.

The consequence of this battle is decided by who wins, storylines are ready for both outcomes.

Special Note: The event is a open Wolrd Player vs Player event with a solid Role Play background story. Although open for everyone we demand that you attend only if you can expect also to lose and not to whine about it later on.

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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[World RPPVP Event] Venture Bay - by Dalios
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