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 [RP] Hold the position! - by Dalios

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PostSubject: [RP] Hold the position! - by Dalios   Thu Feb 11, 2010 6:10 pm

((copied from: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=12534244070&sid=1 - Vyp))

"Until further notification, all troops shall stay within the city walls. The Horde had their time to reinforce their borders, we shall do the same! And once our forces are at full strength again, we shall finish this task! Till then, Hold the position!"

These were the last words of Marshal Jonathan Wellesley in Menethil Harbour before he entered the officer tent again, a speech for the dozens of soldiers who stayed in the Wetlands with him. Many others returned to their old work and life, and who would call them cowards? They were voluntary here, and have the right to go whenever they want too, they have as well families to feed.

Dalios walked with some other footman to the dock, he heard them discuss the Marshals words, but he felt absent and lost in thoughts himself. It was clouded and heavy fog was hanging over the whole marsch, he remembered that couple of days ago the weather was clear and he could see in the distance the shores of Lordaeron. His home.

Now it was time to take a deccission, what was holding him here? Many doubted that the Marshal would take another offensive, it seemed too hard to breach the borders of the Forsaken. Despite, he eliminated Horde presence around many Alliance Outposts and Towns, he could return to Stormwind without shame, even as a hero! The other footman asked him if he wanted to go with them to the inn, he declined. Drinking with his comrades was refreshing in these hard times but he wanted to have a clear mind and rethink what -he- is going to do now.

"Hold the position!"

The words echoed thru his head, he never was much of a soldier but in the last months he gained discipline and a strong feeling for duty. How could he leave now? Betraying his Marshal? Leaving behind the dream of entering his farm ever again? No wife, no children, Dalios wasn't so stupid to marry young so who would he leave behind? If there was anything he could do now of importance then it should be fullfilling his duty! And when the Light blesses him to survive the war he could always start a family.

A beam of sun light breached the grey clouds and shined upon his armor. As if his thoughs were just as clear, he knew what to do now.

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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[RP] Hold the position! - by Dalios
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