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 [World RPPvP Event] Assault on Tarren Mill

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PostSubject: [World RPPvP Event] Assault on Tarren Mill   Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:02 am

The battle company slowly made its way south through the marsh. Exhausted and damaged, it was a grim sight. What was left of their horses carried the dead; broken bodies hanging over their backs as if they were nothing more than decrepit rags. Only grief and mourning could be read from the soldiers' faces. The Lordaeron Regiment's first defeat was a fact. They had been caught off guard by the Horde's tactical insight this time around, something they hadn't seen in the earlier stages of this campaign. They hadn't lost many, but far more importantly it turned out they weren't invincible after all. This battle had been a major moral victory for the Horde, and would surely blow new-found confidence into its warriors.

A young man fell to his knees as he gasped for air. The long and tiring travel had gotten to him, as it was getting to everyone else. Elena gestured for a medic to come to the young man's aid. After thoroughly examinating his body, the medic reported that he was still alive, though unconscious. Relieved as she was at first, Elena soon realised that there was no room left for the horses to carry the young man's body. No one was in any shape to be able to do that either. What she had regarded as a first spark of hope now turned out to be a symbol of their misfortune. Would she have to leave one of the dead behind for him?

Then, suddenly, she heard the sharp cry of an eagle. Elena shivered with excitement. She knew what this meant. The sound of fast, rhythmic splashes was getting closer and closer. They had come to their aid! Marshal Wellesley had personally come to assist his warriors with their journey to the port. Though crippled, he had his entire guard by his side, each of them riding a warhorse with the reins of an unmounted ram in hand. It was an impressive sight, as the footmen confirmed with their "Ohhhh!"

Wellesley and Elena exchanged a look. The time to talk would present itself later, they knew that their first priority was to get the wounded to safety. As the horses galloped through the watery lands, the silhouette of Menethil's fortifications began to take shape across the hills. A mutual sigh of relief was heard between the party. It was time to rest!

Once all the soldiers were taken care of at the harbour, the marshal and his protégé retreated into the keep. It was time to discuss their next move.

"I trust you're unharmed, Elena?" the old man asked.

The knight-lieutenant glanced at her shoulder before confirming that she wasn't wounded.

"Good," Wellesley said, "I have arranged transport from Menethil to Southshore. It has cost us plenty, but it is the only way for us to reach North-Lordaeron if the span is as well guarded as you say it is. The men will have a few days to rest before we take off."

Elena pondered why they hadn't taken a ship before if it was within the possibilities.

"Our next target is Tarren Mill. They won't know what hit them."

Elena briefly nodded. "What about the civilians, sir?"

"They're all monsters, why are you worried about these so called 'civilians'? Go rest now, my child. You need it."


What: Large-scale world PvP event with an RP background story.
Location: Tarren Mill, Hillsbrad Foothills
Date: Saturday, 6 February 2010
Time: 20.00 Realm Time (CET)

For roleplayers, deaths do not happen in character. We do not want to end anyone’s story over this. You may play as injured should you “die” due to game mechanics, but this is entirely up to you and how you decide to play it.

Staying in character is recommended, but not required. Everyone is free to attend, and everyone is equally welcomed.


- Corpse-camping is not allowed.

- After each round, let the other faction regroup. Don't attack them when they ressurect!

Round System:

The event works with a system of rounds. After each round the losing faction is allowed to regroup closer to their village (Tarren Mill for Horde, Southshore for Alliance)

The first battle is at the tower between Tarren Mill and Southshore. If the Alliance wins, the second battle is at the farm in front of Tarren Mill. If the Horde wins, the second battle is at the river near Southshore. The final location is either Tarren Mill or Southshore.

If, for example, the Alliance won the first round and we fight at the farm near Tarren Mill for the second round but the Horde wins that one, we fight at the tower again.


Note that if your character is not able to attend due to ‘being neutral’ or anything similar, we request your presence on an alt or simply by pretending to be someone else for a day.

There is cross-faction communication between the two organisers; Elena and Jahraka.

The consequence of this battle is decided by who wins, storylines are ready for both outcomes.

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PostSubject: Re: [World RPPvP Event] Assault on Tarren Mill   Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:27 am

(( great stuff, the tarren mill/ southshore battles are the stuff of old school w-pvp legend. Can't wait to have at it once more! Smile And nice graphic. Knowing where the regroup points are should make things easier Very Happy ))

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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PostSubject: Re: [World RPPvP Event] Assault on Tarren Mill   Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:10 pm

The round system seems nice, altough it might be a very loooong battle!
Good job to you Elena and Jahr.

Siheld, Puraniel, Rajani, Feanu
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PostSubject: Re: [World RPPvP Event] Assault on Tarren Mill   Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:14 pm

Myself and the other three Riders will probably turn up to fight for the Alliance side I guess Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [World RPPvP Event] Assault on Tarren Mill   Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:51 am

(( Very nice Smile I´m looking forward to it, and I will try to get as many housies as I can to come along. ))
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PostSubject: Re: [World RPPvP Event] Assault on Tarren Mill   

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[World RPPvP Event] Assault on Tarren Mill
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