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 SSL: The Officially Not-Official Soundtrack

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PostSubject: SSL: The Officially Not-Official Soundtrack   Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:04 pm

If you've not got into Spotify yet you're a big silly, because it's pretty great. Essentially it's a program that lets you stream music from Los Internetos, which is good enough, but the hook is that they essentially have all music ever. For free. It's pretty amazing.

What I've done is assembled five special young people and given them five magic rings a playlist, suitable for playing WoW. It's the sort of music I associate with the WoW SSL experience, and the general theme for the playlist was "adventure times", vaguely. Of course it's a bit of a mix, some exciting, some moving, some playful, all great*. Mostly sourced from films and games, at least the films and games that have good music. Oh, and I purposely avoided the most well-known stuff, so no John Williams or Pirates of the Carribean. Sorry. And absolutely, positively no pop.* None. Them's the rules. It's a soundtrack, not an album.

Get the playlist here (requires Spotify)

*Apologies to any people who are aware of Nightwish already, and are aware of how crap they generally are. I make no pretence otherwise, but Ghost Love Score is ludicrously over the top, bombastic idiocy of a track, and as such entirely suited to WoW. Seriously, put it on, mount up, and go for a ride around Azeroth. You'll be amazed at how wandering aimlessly transforms into EPIC JOURNEY
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PostSubject: Re: SSL: The Officially Not-Official Soundtrack   Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:46 am

I haven't had time to listen through it all, but it does seem very nice. Now you just need to make a more peaceful one for this calm nights of rping and not fighting things. Smile
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SSL: The Officially Not-Official Soundtrack
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