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 A.I.M. Battle Report - Badlands

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PostSubject: A.I.M. Battle Report - Badlands   Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:20 am

A.I.M. Battle Report

Hired by Warlord Goretooth of K.E.F. to supply Kargath with intel and the movement of the First Lordaeron Regiment we send invitations to all major Horde forces to assure reinforcements. As expected and prognosed by myself the Alliance have deployed troops via the Deeprun Tram for days until slowly positioning them in Thelsamar. From there are on my spies report they made their way into the wasteland regrouping and forming their battle formations.

At this time at Kargath arrived slowly but constantly more Horde reinforcement troops. Forming the rabble of unorganized orcs, trolls, taurens and few forsaken attempting to form a battle legion outside in the Dustbowl region to intercept them before reaching the valley leading to the Horde Outpost.

As the battle Alliance approached the first few battles we're a fight for endurance but they slowly progressed into pushing us back. At this point the Hordes only chance was to use the naturally given terrain to claim a victory. So positioning the forces on both canyon sides and leaving a gap for the Alliance to let them pass thru was the next formation.

Once the formation has been executed and the battle raged on as the Alliance pushes forward this was the key point for Kargath. If not by the magical treachery of Elena Morrisey who used her magic to appear behind enemy lines and deal great damage before disappearing the same way the Horde would have standed strong and kept the position.

The canyon defense was in the end breached and the Horde forces had to struggle for a succesful regroup, they pushed us all the way into Kargath before smashing the final defense with a merciless charge contained of heavy armored infantry and cavalery.

The battle in the Badlands is a example for the tactical superiority of the Alliance regiment. If they manage to win other key positions within the next two weeks their passage into Lordaeron and the Forsaken realm is open.


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PostSubject: Re: A.I.M. Battle Report - Badlands   Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:03 am

(( great write up mate. nice screenies too Smile ))

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PostSubject: Re: A.I.M. Battle Report - Badlands   Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:38 am

(( Yup, nice report and nice screenies, tough I never saw the Alliance's one *cough* Elena *cough*

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PostSubject: Re: A.I.M. Battle Report - Badlands   

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A.I.M. Battle Report - Badlands
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