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 [RP-Project] The Darkshire Project

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PostSubject: [RP-Project] The Darkshire Project   Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:20 am


If you're in this thread then chances are you're curious about RP and more specifically Alliance RP or just a P.I.T.A of a Troll and I would ask you kindly to leave.

If you haven't guessed, as of late RP on this server has started to boom and I would like to invite you to come and Roleplay with us in Darkshire sometime. However, it isn't all a walk in the park and if you're seriously considering this then could I ask you to try and stick to some basic guidelines.

1. You know how to Roleplay good-ish or be willing to learn how to Roleplay.
2. You respect yourself, respect the server, and respect the people you are with.
3. You know some Lore, if not know some Lore around your character or willing to learn.
4. You do not "Lorelol". In Darkshire we do not appreciate Poweremotes, Metagamers, Lorelol, Dragons, Sons of Illidan, Arthus/The Lich King..etc..
5. You're willing to try new RP and pull some effort to form an event once in a while.

We are a small community of Roleplayers within a Small Community of Roleplayers of the server and have started to make things look better beginning in Duskwood. We have a full-working Tavern run by Scarlet(Hafwen), a Bookclub held every Sunday at 20:00, a working Night Guard Militia, a local-"pervert" branded for what he is due to media pressure. We have full Media Coverage offered by Lidana and her paper/Radio Stormwind along with the general Roleplayers that wander in day and night, and of course a fully fledged working Droid, here to offer polite chit-chat in game and to do remedial grunt work.

If you are seriously considering RPing with us down in Darkshire then do come on down.

Special thanks to the people who have already helped with this projects and are locals in Darkshire: Wimto, Liare, Muragore, Niae, Camey, Isane, Hafwen, Antioch, Zugara, Lidana, Arissa, Séza, Fjon, Mellryn, Chooby, Couttsy, Tyranian, Kaeden, Gradin, Gavinar, Turagon and Thurius. If I have missed your name off I apologize profusely and will add it if you're a regular.

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PostSubject: Re: [RP-Project] The Darkshire Project   Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:53 am

So.. if Arthas and Illidan had a son, he couldnīt come to your tea party? Thatīs a bit mean, isnīt it..?

On a more serious note.. Itīs nice to see someone do something new on the server. I realy hope this idea picks up. Iīd come look, but sadly I have no alliance characters on ssl (and no space for one). I could persuade HoS to come say hi tho Wink Weīre real party animals.
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[RP-Project] The Darkshire Project
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