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 [RP] A.I.M. Intelligence Report - Wellesley - by Jahraka

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PostSubject: [RP] A.I.M. Intelligence Report - Wellesley - by Jahraka   Tue Jan 12, 2010 6:05 pm

((copied from http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=12227722815&sid=1 - Vyp))

In regards to the payment received by General Katalmach Duskclaw about the former Lordaeron army Marshal Jonathan Wellesley and his recent attack on Swamp of Sorrow, Stonard.

Marshal Wellesley:

No exact past of the above named Marshal Wellesley is known. Firstly mentioned by the end of the Second War when he has been awarded with the rank of Knight-Lieutenant for his battles against the Orcs. In the defense of Lordaeron City he has been heavy injured and since then remained a cripple. Apparently he can still ride.

In the time of the Third War when Lordaeron fell to the Scourge plague, he took part of evacuating Lordaeron citizens and farmers to the safety of the Kingdom of Stormwind. Fought several minor battles against Scourge. Has been promoted to Marshal of the Alliance of Lordaeron before the final fall of his Kingdom. Since then living in exile in the southern human lands of Stormwind.

His name appears a couple of months again as Horde raids on Alliance towns and outposts has increased. Gathering his former officer cirlcle and Lordaeron veterans just as sympathisants from Stormwind he proclaimed the formation of a Alliance voluntary army named the First Lordaeron Regiment with mission pushing back Horde attacks and changing the front into northern Azeroth. According to leaked information his final aim is to retake Lordaeron and destroy Forsaken presence from Tirisfal and the Plaguelands.

Battle Status:

The Marshal has been spotted in the company of 12 to 15 Knights in the Arathi Highlands and Dwarfen regions. His officers however have not only defended recent raids of Horde and Mercenaries in the region of Stormwind Kingdom but launched a full scale attack on the Horde garrison of Stonard taking out to a large amount its defenses.

Motivation and tactics:

According to the rumours not only in Stormwind but also these in the Dwarfen lands his plan is to take out or weaken the Horde presence in the Eastern Kingdom. Being in charge of a voluntary army he has no direct support of the Alliance war machine. No ships, no troop transportation or logistical help. If he decides to push forward into northern Eastern Kingdoms he has to weaken every Outpost and Garrison to make sure no enemy troops can fall into his back.

His strongest unit is the fast cavalery lead by his protegee and officer Elena Morrisey. As we've seen in Stonard although the terrain, the swamp, the Alliance moved quickly into the lines of the Horde defenders, despite heavy plate armor, and crushed them within minutes.

Morale and next target:

With his campaign to recruit more and more under his banner the people of the Alliance have strong faith in his person and his mission. Also the recent victory in the Swamp of Sorrows fuels his Regiment with more recruits, most of them veterans of Northrend who have adapted to the newest armor. With this his troops are currently rated as a serious threat for mercenary bands and Horde war groups alike.

Following his actions we assume that his next target is Kargath Outpost in the Badlands. Winning the Dwarfes on his side will open the path for him to strenghten support and man power in the Wetlands, cross Thandol Span and open the fields of Arathi to his cavalery.


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[RP] A.I.M. Intelligence Report - Wellesley - by Jahraka
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