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 A.I.M. Battle Report - The Ambush

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PostSubject: A.I.M. Battle Report - The Ambush   Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:49 am

A.I.M. Battle Report - The Ambush

Gathering the squad in Grom'Gol Base Camp I lead them thou the Duskwood dark paths to the mountains of Redridge. From the upper hill overwatching the road leading to Elwynn Forest we made our camp, preparing and waiting to strike the unsuspecting Alliance. The team itself was formed from:

Verragar the Brute - a Death Knight of Acherus who found little use within the Horde and the Ebon Blade, his background is unclear except being serving under the Morning Star vessel and having visited Princess Island once. If before his death or after is unknown. Rated dangerous and hot heated, takes commands and is surprisingly disciplined. Not trusted.

Vypra "Thunder Child" - One of the newer members recruited within Azeroth, has former experience withing mercenary bands and proved skilled into working together with the others. Has the abillity to call down the elements to fight for her. Further information about her is not avaible.

Yei of the Dragonhawk - The former Blackhands Captain showed little respect towards the Kings Hate regime and agreed fast into joining the mercenary cooperation. Low discipline, taking orders only from hersel she is skilled within the use of daggers but not fully working within the troops.

Terdinant the Mute - The huge tauren warrior heavy armed strikes without mercy. One of the best merc's gathered within Azeroth so far. Disciplined, loyal and doesn talk back.

Rokalm Grimtam - Former client, called into the troop for futher assistance duo his bloodlust and immense strengh. Rated highly dangerous, does not take direct orders or commands. Would be too dangerous. Most effective team member on this mission.

Jah'Raka - Leader.

Ambushing the Alliance we managed duo surprise injure about a dozen of them heavy, ourselfs suffered a strong ressistance once they gathered themselfs and realized the situation. In a attempt to escape within the hills we've been followed and fough heavy close combat. Losses: Unknown. End of Battle report.


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A.I.M. Battle Report - The Ambush
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