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 A.I.M. Battle report - Sentinel Hill

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PostSubject: A.I.M. Battle report - Sentinel Hill   Mon Dec 28, 2009 10:14 am

A.I.M. Battle report - Sentinel Hill

Passing the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale, Duskwood was easily passed. No patrols were encountered and even the bridge to Westfall was unsecured. The squad became suspicious about slipping into enemy territory too easy so instead of the initial plan to assault Sentinel Hill from the east river side decision has been made to head south and in the cover of the hills making a better picture of the land.

Via Scouts and Spy Glasses we made sure no nearby garrison was on alert. After that the squad made its way to the west and has a final look from the hill over watching the inn and the Lumber Mill of Sentinel Hill.

Securing no ambush was prepared the assault started on the Watch Tower. Resistance contained initially mostly of Militia. They fought with courage but in the end they were only Militia, peasant and farmers who have been trained in the most common arts of warfare only. At least three of them were killed and a dozen have been badly injured while the Tower has been taken over.

Minutes later reinforcements arrived from Stormwind, we presume these Alliance soldiers were seasoned fighters from Northrend. Both their armor and skill in battle proved a challenge for us. Especially a female gnome, skilled in the magic of frost, showed a challenge. Verragar complained about injuries from her frost spells and that “The beast bit my ankles!”

While still barricaded in the Tower we secured all objects of value and the (small amount) of gold the locals had.


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A.I.M. Battle report - Sentinel Hill
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