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 Solanar returns

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PostSubject: Solanar returns   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:23 am

(( I wrote this story because Solanar was deleted about 2 or 3 months ago and after worrying he had not left much to show for himself I wrote this event, but finally after waiting for ages I finally got him resurrected by GM! ))

Part one

The sun rose behind the deep forest and as the light crept through the branches a quiet mist surrounded the Morning Star. The rays of light shined brightly through the windows of the Captains cabin as Solanar drew open the silk curtains and blew out the candle from the following night. He opened the door to the main deck and placed his hand above his eyes as he shielded them from the warm sun, he felt a cold drip go down his neck as the icicles began to melt and he smiled, it had been awhile since he had woke to the sun like this. There was a calm breeze in the air that brought the smell from the forest behind them almost covering the salty air he had gotten so used to from the sea. Solanar walked to the quarter deck and watched the many crew members run round ragged mopping the wet floors, it was the only chance they would get as when the sun went behind the clouds the deck would freeze up like an ice ring and the punishment from the scene of their Captain almost skating on it would not be easily forgotten. He opened his record book now crisp from the cold and added another count to the many days that they had left from Silvermoon and stepped to the edge of the deck holding the frozen railing.

The ship his crew had attacked was still ablaze from the night before as the smoke came from the wreckage floating above the water, it was the fifth vessel that had attacked since they set off but the bounty was yet again poor. Solanar slammed his fist onto the railing as the footsteps from the crews boatswain now slowed behind him. “Captain, it appears we are still running low on food, last nights pillage was not enough.” The man stud there shivering in the cold as he held out the list of supplies that was left below deck. Solanar snatched the list from him as the man quickly placed his blue hands into his pockets. “So this is all that’s left is it, five ships all the same size as ours and that all we could take? These seas do truly live up to their reputation, it looks like we may have to attack something a little bigger next time” he walked to the other side of the deck now facing his back to the crew member and raised his hand in the air “Bring me our navigator I wish to change course one last time” he waved his hand as if to hurry along the boatswain and returned to his normal posture watching the sea.

The navigator ran up the stairs towards the quarter deck quickly almost tripping with his arms filled with unfinished maps and scrap parchment dropping it onto the empty desk, he quickly cleaned the ink pot he had knocked over with his sleeve to avoid the Captain noticing his mistake. “I have marked the only remaining vessels that we spotted but they are likely to be battle ships and carry too much to risk for little gain, are only other option is to attack a town or city but the only we could reach without running out of food is Valgarde.” Solanar rubbed his chin still not facing the navigator behind him and with a slight grunt he turned around an looked at the poorly drawn map in front of him. He knew the reputation Valgarde had and scanned the sketch that was presented along with the map, there was no obvious weak point to the city it was strategically built to counter attacks by land and sea, but the recent attack from the Vrykul had kept the city alert and constantly anticipating an attack. The navigator peered at Solanar in fascination watching as he worked on the sketch like he was deciphering some sort of code, Solanar glanced at him and he quickly stood up sharp again awaiting an order.

Time passed by as the crew sat eagerly below deck, the wind had picked up again and there was a howl in the air as the ship violently rocked from side to side. The rain hit the deck like stones hitting wood as the waves crashed up against the hull. Solanar opened the door from his cabin with a slight struggle as he held on to his hat with the other hand, he paused for a moment watching the waves hit the ship and quickly stepped below deck shutting the hatch behind him before the water could reach in. The crew were all gathered along the table as Solanar walked from one side to the other, “We have so far been successful with all our attacks on the many vessels of this sea but now we must move to something much bigger, the city of Valgarde lies just a day away from here and holds much bounty to be taken, it is a totally different challenge from what we have faced before and therefore hold much more risks, but the rewards will be plentiful.” The crew mutter in an approving tone as their eyes twinkle for the riches they imagine and their mouths water from the thought of fresh food. Solanar looks along the table again as he mutters of how he wished he had a crew of Sin'dorei, he pulls out a chair and sits down with his legs up “So its decided then we shall leave at dawn!” the crew members cheered and raise their glasses in anticipation.
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PostSubject: Re: Solanar returns   Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:23 am

Silk curtains? I always knew Solanar was a sea man, after all these months on the ship with only men around him.... Very Happy

Anyway liked to hear something from you again, was bout time!

Son of a Biscuit Eater!
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PostSubject: Re: Solanar returns   Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:46 am

Welcome back!

Siheld, Puraniel, Rajani, Feanu
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PostSubject: Re: Solanar returns   

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Solanar returns
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