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 Judges of Stormwind - by Eranthia

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PostSubject: Judges of Stormwind - by Eranthia   Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:11 pm

((copied from - http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=11998959782&sid=1 - Vyp ))

All around you are pamflets some get pasted around taverns others are given to people to read. If you get curious you somehow manage to get your hands on one of those pamflets, you peer at the contents and notice a logo of a book on the top of the page and big letters saying "Judges of Stormwind". If you're still curious you then start reading the text beneath the logo and the title.

Dear Citizens of the Kingdom of Stormwind,

Last Sunday, the 20th of December, I, Eranthia Themis have been chosen as the new Councilor of Justice. With it I will promise I'll work hard to become a worthy Councilor. It is my duty to enhance the law and seek justice in any case that appears. To involve you citizens into the enhancing of the law I have created a plan, a plan in which you citizens have the ability to become a Judge of Stormwind yourself! When you are a fulfledged and well trained judge you may judge the small crimes that are taking place in the Kingdom of Stormwind. Do you proof yourself to be capable of even more, then you might make it to Head Judge, which means you will be able to judge in courts.
Are you curious? Do you think you have what it takes to become a Judge of Stormwind? Then write me a letter in which you applicate yourself.
What is in this letter? Your full name and the reason why you wish to become a Judge of Stormwind and why you are the person I'm looking for.
I will await the messages of the citizens that wish to join the ranks of 'Judges of Stormwind'.

Yours truthfully,

Eranthia Themis, Councilor of Justice

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Judges of Stormwind - by Eranthia
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