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 (RP)The Dragonhawk attacks 2 - By Yei

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PostSubject: (RP)The Dragonhawk attacks 2 - By Yei   Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:15 am

Yei was in a pensive mood, she knew she needed a victory this time out, the set back of the previous week had made her mood blacker than normal, the wind blew from the east bringing in the smell of salt and sea in, rather than the smell of heat, sand and dust of the desert, one of her crew shouted

“Cap’in we got a ship out there, it don’t look like it’s heavily armed or such!”

“Crew! Board the Dragonhawk, NOW!!” she bellowed

The crew obeyed immediately, and the ship was beating its way out towards the ship, zigzagging its way out as Yei, manning the helm tacked her way though the easterly wind to catch the prey. As the ship got closer it looked huge, but the spotter had been right, there was no cannon ports down her side, just port holes and this aroused the female captain’s curiosity about the vessel.

“Aku’ala, load the chain bolt. No-one is to throw a bomb on board!” from the bow came a rattling quickly followed by the characteristic twang of the ballista being fired and the thud of the bolt hitting the side of the ship, the huge tauren Garn took the strain of the chain and pulled it, the Dragonhawk moving slowly towards the larger ship, grapples where thrown onto the opposing ship and soon nearly all the crew stood on the deck of this vessel.

The people on the ship stood staring at the motley crew of the Dragonhawk until a few soldiers ran forwards, the fight was short, sharp and predictable, the armoured forms of the soldiers were tossed with very little care into the sea, and the shining breastplates quickly pulled the corpses down and out of sight.
“This is abominable!” one woman shouted in common, she was dressed in rich silks, with gold pearls quiet clearly evident on this person. “Do you know who we are? We are the ….” The woman was cut off by a sharp backhand from the Sin’dorei.

“Let me tell you who we are. We are the crew of the Dragonhawk, and we are pirates, so whom ever you are doesn’t really matter.” The lithe elf said, she turned to her crew “Right, take what ever has any value, leave no cabin untouched, if any resist take no prisoners, take no crap, but why don’t we leave these ‘nice’ people untouched.” There was an evil laugh from the crew of the Dragonhawk as they spread out, all the ladies on the deck were stripped of any gold, pearls and any other valuables they had, as where the men, a few of the men protested loudly, these were quickly silenced with a blade to the throat or a fist to the stomach.

Some thing in Yei told her to react, her training or some high awareness she wasn’t sure, but her hand lashed out to grab a throwing knife and then hurled it at the mast, burying the blade deep into the huge wooden upright.
“Come forth, or are you afraid to face me in the open!” she yelled, as he voice died away on the wind a lithe and athletic Kaldorei stepped forwards, in her hand she held a pair of rapiers loosely in her hands.
“I’m so glad you decided to come, I want to say ‘Goodbye’ to you personally”

And then she charged her blades flicking out with deadly speed, Yei’s daggers neatly blocked the blades, the fight that ensued was not a usual fight but was more like a dance, with both combatants flipping, spinning and using there entire bodies as weapons. Both pirates and passengers looked on in awe and shock as this fight continued, neither elf could gain any advantage on the other as they were both highly skilled.

“I’m impressed, I mistook you for an ordinary pirate, your not are you?” the question was more of a statement then anything else

“I avoid ‘ordinary’ were I can.” The pirate captain said.

The mistake came from the Kaldorei, the thrust, though good and pierced Yei’s defences just above her hip but it was too hard and over balanced the Night Elf, the answering blow ended the contest, the Blood Elf’s reply was both daggers sweeping in from either side of the kaldorei’s neck though one was parried the other was not, and slit the purple neck deep. The pirate captain leaned forwards and whispered something that none of the others on the deck could here, the dying elf’s eyes widened in shock, then she died. Removing the rapier from her body Yei looked at her crew.

“If every thing is taken we will return to the Dragonhawk and take our leave.” She walked to the rail of the large ship, holding the wound and the slipped over the side onto the deck of her ship, soon the rest of the crew, with their loot followed and the Dragonhawk left the target, the huge vessel disappearing over the horizon, all the while Yei’s thought were that she has let her skills slip for some reason, and that she would train to regain them as soon as she was fit to do so.

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(RP)The Dragonhawk attacks 2 - By Yei
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