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 [Open RP] Redeeming yourself

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PostSubject: [Open RP] Redeeming yourself   Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:09 pm

~By Silanora

The golden sunlight streamed into the beautiful streets of Silvermoon City. A hooded figure stood in the Royal Exchange, the glistening signs gleaming brightly as he stood before a lamp post, its blue and iridescent glow casting eerie shadows across the marble surface. Pulling out a scroll from his satchel, he left it hovering in the air:

To the blood elves and their respected allies,
Anu belore del’ana.

He tore through our lands, spreading decay and disease throughout our tranquil glades; many of our noble people perished in the flames and corruption that then ensued. Our forests left ravaged by his never quenching hunger for rapacious power, he continued on, razing our trees and slaughtering our people. At the crown of our woods, he arrived at our magnificent fount of magic. He cast out his gnarled claws and defiled our Sunwell, its majestic waters left tainted by his blistering sins. And now at the roof of the world, we fight for the vengeance that we so desire when we defeat the Lich King!

The journey to the north however, is long and tiresome, and even our noble people have been troubled with weighty burdens of past wrong doings and so, your salvation awaits you in Quel'Thalas. Confess to your misdeeds and plead for forgiveness to the priests of the Everlasting Sun, and go forth to the north and fights the undead Scourge with no burden weighing down on your shoulders.

Priestess Silanora Dawnstrider,
Selama ashal’anore.

You may have already seen many of our priests and their apprentices walking the streets of Silvermoon City, frequently extending their blessings and guidance to the citizens of Silvermoon City. Now, they offer respite to all who seek it as they relieve them of their burdening wrong doings.

"Reedeming yourself" is an open role-playing event for everyone. Feel welcome to look for any priest or their apprentices for relieving yourselves of your sins.

Priestess Silanora being consulted by a defender of Quel'Thalas:

Siheld, Puraniel, Rajani, Feanu
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[Open RP] Redeeming yourself
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