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 [IC] Remembering Ourselves - by Silanora

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PostSubject: [IC] Remembering Ourselves - by Silanora   Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:14 am

((copied from: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=11586763744&sid=1 - Vyp))

The bright, golden Sun bathed the lush, green ground in its warm glow. Trees and plants flourished down the Walk of the Elders as a figure stood by one of the spiraling lamposts, its blue light casting unearthly shadows across the smooth, marble pavement.

Pulling a scroll from amidst the many in his pouch, the figure left the piece of parchment in the air as it remained their floating, revealing the fine, Thalassian writing:

To the children of the bloodline,
Anu belore del’ana.

For the past century, we have valiantly insured the sanctity of our glorious kingdom. Hundreds and hundreds of blood elves have surrendered their lives to uphold this serenity against the hands of those who wish to see the demise of our magnificent Quel’Thalas. Yet through years upon years of oncoming onslaught, we have persevered. Our lands have become irrigated with the blood of the fallen, blood which has granted us solace from the mortal peril which we so narrowly survived from. The souls of the departed had seeded the ground with hope and from which prosperity has blossomed because of their endless efforts to defend our kingdom by the grace of the Sun.

Nevertheless, there are those amongst who have taken their sacrifice for granted, littering our streets with their absurd gibberish and soiling the very ground which the dead fought endlessly to protect with their ridiculous aberrations. They make a mockery of all that the deceased have strived to achieve! Far too many of our kin have lost themselves to the revolting customs of our primitive allies. They cast disorder and revulsion across our beautiful walls, spreading the obscene “tongue” of the warmongers. How can we forget that we are the people of the bloodline and not a savage race of barbarians!

It truly pains my heart to see the once gracious members of our noble race pouring through the streets like a wild, stream of rats with their outrageous attire, spewing out obscene and vulgar notions and ideals as they consort with our “cultured” allies. Indeed, there is much merit in our alliance with the Horde; however, that is not to say that we must court them! Such heinous atrocities will not be tolerated and the perpetrator shall be punished or expelld from Quel'Thalas if only to preserve the continious tranquility of our kingdom.

Thus far, we have prevailed due to the sacrifice of countless hundreds. Let us not ridicule the very foundations of our society by disregarding who we truly are! Look upon yourself and remember that we are the noble elves of Quel’Thalas, not a band of crude, grovelling murlocs.

Priestess Silanora Quel’sina Dawnstrider.
Selama ashal’anore.

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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[IC] Remembering Ourselves - by Silanora
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