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 Al diel shala, sin’dorei!

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PostSubject: Al diel shala, sin’dorei!   Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:29 am

~By the Everlasting Sun

Al diel shala, sin’dorei

Blessings in Silvermoon
Eyes blue and buildings silver, Quel’Thalas as it once were; a march of the dead and a loss of a people ago. Priestesses of the Everlasting Sun, wearing their tabards proudly, stride through the beautiful silvery streets, their apprentices following shortly behind them, carrying their staff and prayer books.

“Al diel shala, quel’dorei, safe travels! May I grant you my blessing, before you leave the City?”, they would ask on occasions, to place their hands to the heads of those traveling to defend Quel’Thalas, against Trolls, Orcs or other threats.

Quickly, the streets would fill with travelers, soldiers, peasants, all gathering around the Priestesses and their apprentices, hoping for an opportunity to receive a blessing of Light as well, even if they were merely a market salesman or a street sweeper.

And the Priestesses of the Everlasting Sun would smile, and grant their blessings, for each quel’dorei was worthy of their benediction and divine protection. They were Priestesses of the people, and a smile decorated their face even more bright than the Light glowing from their hands.


Times are brighter, again.

Priestesses again fill our streets, though now with eyes of green and streets of gold and red. A people fallen and a scar through our glorious city where we were touched where we thought we were strongest.

People gather around the Priestesses again, to receive their blessings, and no peasant, no child or worksman shall be excluded. They walk there, for our pride and protection. To give their boon and grace to those who are leaving shortly to Northrend to bolster the final offensive against the Lich King.

Al diel shala, sin’dorei.

((You may have seen some of our Priestesses, their apprentices and others of the Everlasting Sun able to perform blessings, walk the streets. They are specifically looking for those who are making preparations to travel to Northrend, to bless them on their travel and wish them “Al diel shala” before they might make their final stand against the Lich King.

Feel free to seek out our Priestesses and their apprentices when you see them, and ask them for their blessings when you see them around. Death knights will clearly not be blessed for it makes our streets so messy when they turn to dust under a Light's blessing.

Even when you seek spiritual guidance, minor healing or curing, be you peasant or soldier.))

Priestess Silanora blessing the children of Silvermoon City:

Siheld, Puraniel, Rajani, Feanu
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PostSubject: Re: Al diel shala, sin’dorei!   Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:00 pm

(( Daid didn´t get any No ))
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PostSubject: Re: Al diel shala, sin’dorei!   Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:32 pm

Daidrax wrote:
(( Daid didn´t get any No ))

Of course she didn't, she's a frickin' undead elf, the Light will destroy her too!
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PostSubject: Re: Al diel shala, sin’dorei!   Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:14 pm

I know.. But it was funny to wait and let the priestess find out for herself xD
Then I went "aaah what´s the matter?"

Anyway, it´s nice to finaly see some proper rp in Silvermoon...
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PostSubject: Re: Al diel shala, sin’dorei!   

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Al diel shala, sin’dorei!
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