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 (RP) Pirates strike it lucky - by Yei (full version)

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PostSubject: (RP) Pirates strike it lucky - by Yei (full version)   Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:54 am

The Dragonhawk was loaded, her crew stood gathered at the foot of the raised platform. Yei Nenharma scanned the crew with her steady and cold gaze, they were all there, Aka’ula stood behind her.
“Alright you lot listen up, this is the first time this crew and this ship has gone hunting, I don’t want any slip ups, if we do well we might just eat well.” She turned to the troll behind her “They are all yours, lets get this show on the road.” The small Sin’dorei said, then moved to the rail and hopped over it to stand at the wheel
“Alright mons, ya heard da Cap’in, get those sail raised, an’ get watch out!” The First Mate ordered, the rest of the crew moved quickly. The foresail was raised to full and then the mainsail was raised half, the ship lurched as she had always done then almost lept forwards, for most this was the first time on a Sin’dorei vessel and they would come to understand the Dragonhawk’s peculiarities
“Cap’in, we clear of da ‘eadland.” The troll informed
“Good, she’s wanting to run, so let’s give her some fun.” She responded “Full sails!” Yei barked, the sail was raised to full and the ship jumped again and finally came to sit on her runners as she sped out into the open sea.

A week had passed and there was no sign of any ships to plunder, Idni had told her captain that the stores were running low, Yei sighed and then headed the ship back towards her berth, as the day drew on one of the looks out gave the words that lifted the crew of the pirate ship, the words that they had waited for
“Sail Ho! Three ships to the port bow, all bearing the Alliance colours!” called the bow watch
“How are they running and whats their running condition?” she called back
“They are running three wide, we are coming up on there stern, the middle ship is running heavy the other two are high in the water line.” Came the reply. Yei smiled, they more than likely hadn’t seen her yet.
“Aka’ula, ready the ballista, I want those escort ships sunk, one on each pass, so make sure and launch two of your water rockets at them.” The troll said nothing he simply saluted, grinned and then turned, calling out to Garn as he went “I want full sail up, lets not give them time to turn or to run!” The captain barked, she felt that familiar surge as the ship went from half to full sail, coming to sit on her runners and flying across the top of the water. “Fire at will Aka’ula!” The Sin’dorei yelled to her first mate. For several moment there was no sound save the wind and the sea, then came the loud twang as the ballista was fired, the rocket sailed over the water before hitting it belly first with a slap, the rockets that propelled the weapon kicked into life at that point and hissed, the metal object shot forwards though the water and was followed by a second rocket moments later. Heeling the ship round for a second run and the last escort ship her eyes never left the larger vessel that, she hoped, was about to have a nasty surprise, it was when she had the stern to the trio of ships that every one heard it, the huge explosion, quickly followed by a second, turning she saw a huge plume of water and the first vessel sinking stern first
“Aka’ula lets do the same again on the second vessel!” he grinned, gave her the thumbs up. The second vessel had begun to turn to combat the small ship but it wasn’t enough, as the Dragonhawk was already bearing down, on her prey, again the ballista fired, then was pulled back by Garn, and then launched by Aka’ula again, both rockets found there mark, this time though, the detonation was thunderous blast that ripped the ship apart, large chunks of wood sent to rain down. Shaking of the shock of what had just happened Yei quickly regained her wits
“Bombers and gunners to the port side, we will come in on her starboard side!” the crew still looked shocked at what had happened “MOVE IT!! NOW!!” she roared, the crew suddenly moved, very quickly, her helmsman came and took the helm from her and she moved to the platform at the stern of the ship, she moved to the winch and lowered the sail down to half, as soon as the side of the enemy was in range bombs were thrown and the two cannons fired, screams filled the air along with red hot shards of metal
“Get some lines on ta ‘er” yelled the First Mate and a few grapples sailed over the small gap onto the larger cargo vessel. As the ships were pulled together a shot rang out grazing Yei across the thigh, looking up she saw a sniper in the rigging, not waiting for a second shot to mark her again the agile captain moved quickly, but also zigzagging across her platform, to one of the boxes and drew two throwing knives, with one in each hand, a second shot rang out but missed as she lept on to the rail and turned, launching both knives, the first caught the gunner in the shoulder the second buried itself in his eye, tumbling out of the rigging the gunner hit the floor, dead.

The bombing had stopped and a few of her crew had boarded, the captain made her way over as well clearing the gap, landing on a rope then launched herself with a front flip onto the deck of the alliance vessel, as she landed she drew her daggers from her specially designed scabbard which sat on her back in a V shape the hilts facing downwards so that when they where drawn she would stand with the blades point down the fighting wasn’t fierce as most of the crew were too busy being dead or dying from the bomb but there were a few still alive and these defended the ship, one died to a riposte across the neck, another died with her off hand dagger in his guts. A human stepped out from the aft cabin and shouted something in common, none of the crew could understand him, but the way he was dressed showed that he was the captain of this vessel, Yei pointed at him and yelled
“This one is mine!” the crimson haired Sin’dorei stalked towards him, her arms straight, her face a mask of concentration, revealing nothing of what she thought, the human lunged at her with his rapier, it would have skewered Yei’s shoulder had she not already dropped to her knee, one blade moved over head to block the down swing the other held forth as she came up aiming to rip open his stomach, the human leapt back to avoid being gutted. The fight wore on for several minuets more with each one trying to find an opening, the smaller female keeping the pain of her leg from her face, it was the human captain that made the mistake, he over lunged, the lithe woman span sideway and rammed home a dagger into his temple, the captain dropped to the floor, the fighting was then over, the crew of the alliance vessel surrendered.
“Cap’in, wha’ should we do with the rest of dis crew?” asked her first mate
“Throw them all over board.”
“Okay lads, let ‘em swim home.” The troll told the pirate crew. As they were doing so one of them brought out the cabin boy, a lad no more than ten years of age.
“Don’t throw that one in, give him a skiff, load it with supplies and let him go, any one tries to get on that skiff with him…kill them. Then I want parties to find out what was on this ship.” She looked over to Idni “take one person and search their galley, lets restock what we can.” The cook nodded and head below with one person in tow.

After ten minutes Aka’ula and two huge taurens carried a large chest onto the deck of the captured vessel and placed it down on the deck
“Cap’in, looks like we just got rich mon!” he said excitedly and kicked open the chest, it was full to the top of gold coins “I reckon there be about ten of these chests.
“Good, get them loaded onto the Dragonhawk and then we can sink this barge.” It took nearly half an hour to transfer all the chests across along with what Idni had pilfered from the stores and the galley, among which were three barrels full of rum.
“Everyone on incressed rum rations, you can all thank Idni later, first lets get out of here.” And so the crew did, once the Dragonhawk was underway, thank Idni for the bounty of the extra rum, and also their divinities for the bounty that laid in the hold of their ship.

((there will be weekly stories for the Dragonhawks raid, and some might not be so successful, feel free to add your own pieces to this, lets try and make this interesting x-faction RP things, if you want to come hunt us down you are more than welcome to try))

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(RP) Pirates strike it lucky - by Yei (full version)
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