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 (RP) Pirates strike it lucky - by Yei

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PostSubject: (RP) Pirates strike it lucky - by Yei   Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:53 am

The Dragonhawk was loaded, her crew stood gathered at the foot of the raised platform. Yei Nenharma scanned the crew with her steady and cold gaze, they were all there, Aka’ula stood behind her.
“Alright you lot listen up, this is the first time this crew and this ship has gone hunting, I don’t want any slip ups, if we do well we might just eat well.” She turned to the troll behind her “They are all yours, lets get this show on the road.” The small Sin’dorei said, then moved to the rail and hopped over it to stand at the wheel

“Alright mons, ya heard da Cap’in, get those sail raised, an’ get watch out!” The First Mate ordered, the rest of the crew moved quickly. The foresail was raised to full and then the mainsail was raised half, the ship lurched as she had always done then almost lept forwards, for most this was the first time on a Sin’dorei vessel and they would come to understand the Dragonhawk’s peculiarities
“Cap’in, we clear of da ‘eadland.” The troll informed

“Good, she’s wanting to run, so let’s give her some fun.” She responded “Full sails!” Yei barked, the sail was raised to full and the ship jumped again and finally came to sit on her runners as she sped out into the open sea.

(( copied from the realm forum. I'll post the full story and any replies in the 'Our Stories' section - Vyp))

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(RP) Pirates strike it lucky - by Yei
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