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 For the tribes!

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PostSubject: For the tribes!   Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:33 pm

She stares at Sabrefang from outside his tent. Sabrefang seems too busy to notice her however as he makes his final preparations. She slowly and quietly approaches the tauren bull until she is directly behind him. She calls out to get his attention…

“This is it…Brothers and sisters hear me!” Liontooth stands before his group of followers.
“For the sake of our kin and the sake of our future…We put an end to Sabrefang and his followers now!”

The battlecries echo across the Thousand Needles as one group of Grimtotem tauren clash weapons and spells with the other. Liontooth took the lead slashing and ripping at the braves that got in his way. Maralah followed close behind shouting battle orders and providing Liontooth support from behind.

Liontooth closed in on his destination close to the tent where Sabrefang resided.
“War leader!” a voice from behind Liontooth shouted.
“How are we faring brave?” Liontooth peered at the younger tauren
“We are holding our ground firmly war leader…Many of Sabrefangs followers have been slain or have surrendered. I believe victo- Look out!” The young brave yelled as he pushed Liontooth to the side. An arrow pierced directly through the young brave’s chest killing him instantly.
“What?!” Liontooth looked up the cliff side to see a familiar tauren ready his bow for another shot.
“Engra…” Liontooth growled and assumed his cat form, allowing him to climb up the side of the cliff. As he reached the top he quickly lowered himself to avoid the on coming arrow and ran to tackle Engra.

Meanwhile the battle slowly comes to its conclusion. Maralah finished off the remaining brave that stood before her and sat down to gather her strength. Her rest was cut short however at the sound of approaching steps behind her. She grabbed her weapon and turned around to face a female brave much like herself.

“Who are you? Answer!” Maralah stood ready with her weapon.
“I am Mala Grimtotem…And your foolish treachery ends here!”

The two females charged into each other, the clash of their weapons seemed to cause echoes around the area. Both females switched from the offensive to the defensive during their battle with neither side seeming to weaken. Mala, in frustration, lunged at Maralah in an attempt to take her down. This however backfired as Maralah swiftly swung her weapon back at Mala causing Mala to lose her grip and thus her weapon.

“This is over” Maralah stood in front of her now unarmed opponent with weapon drawn towards Mala’s neck. Mala fell down to the ground and lowered her head in defeat waiting for Maralah to deliver the final blow. Maralah, however, placed her weapon back in her sheath and kneeled down to Mala.

“Sabrefang’s time as chieftain is coming to an end…You should decide what you want to do from here”

And with that Maralah made her way to meet with the rest of the braves, however, Mala was seemingly furious at this and slowly got up to her hooves. She let out a yell and rushed towards Maralah in an attempt to tackle her over the bluff. Maralah saw this coming and quickly dodged out of the way leaving Mala trying to balance herself on the edge of the bluff. Maralah saw this and attempted to grab Mala but was too late as Mala now plummeted to the bottom.

Meanwhile the fight between Liontooth and Engra continued. Liontooth made sure to give the hunter as little time as possible to ready his bow forcing the hunter to fight at close range. Engra swung his blades in an attempted to decapitate Liontooth but Liontooth swiftly ducked under the blade and slashed his own weapon in response. Both tauren where bloodied and their armours where ripped in several places but neither side was giving in.

Engra jumped back and was able to fire a shot from his bow, which pierced through Liontooth’s shoulder causing Lion to yell out and stumble backwards. Engra grinned at his opportunity and readied another arrow. He fired the arrow aiming to take out Lion with a shot to his heart but Liontooth dived to the ground allowing he arrow to pass over head.

Engra cursed under his breath and readied another arrow. As he took aim his eyes widened as a lion was now pouncing on top of him. He hit the ground hard almost causing him to lose focus but he still struggled to get the cat off him. Lion growled down at Engra and placed a paw at each shoulder and he slowly began to bury his claws into Engra causing the hunter to yell out in agony. The deeper the claws went the louder Engra would yell. Lion felt this battle was almost won until a strong force hit him at his stomach causing him to fly backwards and tumble on the ground.

Liontooth was struggling for breath as he reverted back to his tauren form. The force of, what was, Engras hoof seemed to have winded the druid and was now in a vulnerable position. Engra growled as he stood up, his shoulders where heavily bloodied from Lion’s attack. He slowly walked over to Liontooth and stood above the winded druid, with his bow and arrow at the ready and aimed ready for a shot to the head of Liontooth.

As Engra pulled back the string of the bow he gasped as something grabbed his arms and legs and lifted him up from the ground. Liontooth lay on the ground with a green glowing hand raised and snarling through his teeth. He slowly stumbled to his hooves and looked up at the struggling hunter and, with a clench of his fist, caused the roots to squeeze themselves around Engra’s arms and legs. Engra let out a pained yell has the sounds of his bones slowly crushing ringed in his ears, however, before any permanent damage was done Liontooth released the grip on Engra making him drop to the ground. Engra seemed unable to move.

“Liontooth!” A deep voice from close by called out. It was Torgadon Grimhorn, who offered his aid to Lion tooth a few days before the battle.
“I see you have come” Liontooth gave Torgadon a rather battered looking grin.
“I have a task for you…I need you to take this one and place him with the rest of those that have surrendered”
“So be it” Torgadon grunted and, while gritting his teeth, proceeded to knock Engra unconscious with the hilt of his axe.

Liontooth instructed Torgadon to rejoin what was left of the fight as he made his way to Sabrefang’s tent. He stood in front of it and glared.

“This ends now…”

Meanwhile inside the tent...

Sabrefang turns to look at the one who called him, seeing Shiala he smiles “You, I am so glade you are here, I need you to send a message to.. “ he stops short as he spots a blade in her hand..

“What is this? You mean to turn on me as well?!” Sabrefang shouts.

Shiala smiles, and slowly walks up to Sabrefang, holding the knife out in front of her.

“you made me a slave.. You killed my tribe you bastard” she spat. With that she lunges at Sabrefang, who back hands her around the face sending her backwards again,

“you silly girl.. You are mine, mine to do what I will as I will and tonight you die, just like Liontooth will die!”
Sabrefang leans over Shiala and grins with blood lust in his eyes, he was going to make this a long slow death, she would know pain before the end. As he wraps his large hands around her neck squeezing the air out of her lungs Shiala struggled, kicking and hitting at the larger tauren. She sees a broken piece of bone laying near Sabrefangs leg and quickly grabs the it and thrusts it into Sabrefangs neck. He screams letting go of her, without time for her to recover she jumps on him pulling the bone from Sabrefangs neck and stabbing over and over and over again, into his neck and face as well as his chest and arms.. Blood sprays over her, in a frenzy she butchers her former master.

Shiala stands over Sabrefangs body, his blood covering her from head to hoof, she drops the bone when she hears the battle out side getting close, she runs.. Not looking back until the battle is long gone in the distance.

Liontooth enters the tent yelling "Sabrefang! Your time is...Up?"

Liontooth blinks as he spots the bloodied corpse of his former chieftain. He looks around and sees nothing but the bone used to end Sabrefang's life. He studies the tent for some form of clue pulling out leather parchments and maps from inside the tent. He opens these parchments and reads, his eyes widened at what he saw.

"You...You where going to lead us to our deaths you fool!" Liontooth glared at the corpse of Sabrefang. Shaking his head realising there was nothing left here, he returns to meet his braves outside. They would celebrate their victory and Liontooth's new position as chieftain of the Grimwolf Tribe.
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PostSubject: Re: For the tribes!   Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:28 pm

nice story dude
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For the tribes!
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