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 The Heritage of Zandalar, Stranglethorn vale Teritorry

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PostSubject: The Heritage of Zandalar, Stranglethorn vale Teritorry   Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:40 pm

Here is A map of the our new Teritorry. We have Claimed The Gurubashi Arena Ruins, and is now under our Supervision. The Arena Is Free to use by anyone, and travelers are to stick to the main road, when traversing the region.

The Area is NOT claimed in the name of the HORDE, (Nor the ALLIANCE). The Heritage of Zandalar is a guild about Troll Lore, and history. We Seek to spread the way of the Loas, and to safekeep Troll Arifacts and Heritage, and therefore we have declared the anicent ruins of the Gurubashi Arena region, under our protection. for safekeeping for the future generations.

In addition we have claimed the nearby Nek'mani Wellspring. It is belivied that it was made divine for the Trollish race (by the trolls themself, other races belive diffrent, check http://www.wowwiki.com/Nek%27mani_Wellspring )

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The Heritage of Zandalar, Stranglethorn vale Teritorry
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