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 The Order of the Stick!

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PostSubject: Re: The Order of the Stick!   Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:21 am

((Hi! This is what you get from making a lvl 1 char when you are bored and enter Silvermoon. I had tons of laughs and I like to thank the others who so willingly picked up on this silliness and made it worthwhile. And before you read the story I would like to say that I really don't have anything against Annisa at all, its a fine roleplayer. I am just having a but fun with her in my story. I hope it is okey Smile Anyways, read it and perhaps it will inspire more to join the Order of the Stick! Guild recruitment info will follow under the story.))

An unnamed elven man entered Silvermoon. He wore nothing but his muddied robe and clutched in his hand was a walking Stick. His long blonde hair hung in dirty bunches down his shoulders and his eyes shone with a presence which suggested there was much more to this man that met the eye. And there was.

Not far into the lavish elven city of Silvermoon he heard a ruckus. An orc of impressive size was snarling a faul laugh at an elven lady as he advanced upon her. Behind him stood two young elven boys laughing. The man with the walking Stick wondered why the guards did not interfere and slay this savage creature that so brazenly harassed the noble citizen of the city, but no matter he thought, honor compelled him to intervene.

"Excuse me foul orc, but you better back away from that Lady!" His voice was cracked from little use, but it carried enough force to have the orc stop in his tracks and turn towards the man with the walking Stick. "Who are you?" the orc demanded. "I am... the man with the Stick," was the reply he recieved.

The two elven boys immidiately fell silent, but the orc did not know the severity of this statement and only leered on. "This Lady is mine! Stay away or I will chop your head off!" The elven man shook his head and raised his Stick. The boys slowly stepped away. "Do you.. Do you think it is The Stick, brother?" One said. "I do not know, brother. But best to not take any chances," the other replied. Fear shone in the eyes of both and suddenly they were gone, sprinting madly away from the scene. The orc watched them run and hesitation crept across his face.

"Who are you?" it boomed. "I told you, " the elf with the Stick replied calmly. "I am the Exalted Bearer of the Stick!" Upon saying this he waved his stick menacingly. The Noble elven Lady could naught but stare in awe as hesitation and fear got the better of the orc and he started to slowly back away. "Y-you better hope we never meet again! Because next time you will die!" and with those words the orc made it's hasty retreat.

The dirty man with the Stick turned to face the Lady. He was met with arrogant disdain. "Hmph!" was all that she cared to utter.
"Now you have to give me a Kiss." the man demanded. "What?" The Lady was visibly taken aback at this horrid notion. The man smacked his dirty, chapped lips. "Yes, such is the Law. When a Damsel in Distress is saved by a Knight in Shining Armor, or dirty robes as it is in this particular case, the Law clearly states that the Damsel must reward the Knight with a Kiss." the man nodded eagerly.
The Lady took a few steps back, disgust in her eyes. "I will do no such thing! I am married! My husband would kill you!" The man with the Stick shook his head. "No, he will understand. It is the Law."

The Lady rose her arm and spoke with utter revulsion. "I will let you know that I am a magister and.." She was cut short by another voice. "What is happening here?" Both the man with the Stick and the Lady turned to look upon the source of the voice. There stood a beautiful elven woman in truly shining armor. The man with the Stick nearly hissed. It was the infamous fallen knight Annisa. The she-bitch as she was known by some. Her asinine obsession over what she so mistakenly called "Honor" was well known throughout the lands.

"This man right here sexually harassed me!" the Lady exclaimed, her voice laced with horror. "What? I did no such thing! I saved you! The Law clearly states that you have to give me a Kiss!" The fall-from-grace knight Annisa arched a brow and stepped up to the man with the Stick. She took off her gauntlet and slammed it across the face of the man with the Stick. He staggered back in pain and surprise, blood dripping from his nose. "What was that for! I have done nothting wrong!" the man yelled aghast. The gauntlet fell to the ground. "Pick it up!" Annisa's voice was as fierce and poisonous as a vipers sting.

The man with the stick stared at the gauntlet. "Okey okey.. Shees.. temper.." He picked it up and offered it back to Annisa. "Ah, the challenge is accepted! Now you will die as a gentleman!" She exlclaimed loudly, her shrieking voice clamored throughout the streets of Silvermoon, drawing out the curious and bloodthirsty. A throng of people gathered, as it allways does on such oocascions. They rejoiced like hounds smelling blood.

"What? I have not accepted anything! You told me to pick it up!" the man with the Stick said. "Yes," she replied. "Where do you think the phrase 'pick up the gauntlet' comes from?" "I dont know!" THe man with the stick felt desperation creep up on him. "In the book of 'Don't let shit lay around carelessly'?" But resistance was futile and he was dragged out through the gates of Silvermoon. THe throngs of onlookers followed eagerly. Uknown of the man witht he stick the two boys who had run away were among them.

Outside the gates he was set down and the she-devil Annisa raised her vicious blade and saluted. "Eh, what are you planning to do with that blade?" the man with the stick demanded. Upon these words Annisa's sword sweeped through the air in a perfect, deadly arc and sliced through the mans stomach. He looked down in utter terror as his own bowels hit the stone pavement with a sickly "schlukt". He looked back upon Annisa and with his last dying breath he uttered "Bitch..." and fell to the ground dead.

What neither the coldblooded murderess or the savage onlookers knew they had just slain a father to two kids who had no mother and with this tragedy they were now left alone. They would probably not survive. Annisa looked upon the sad display of the gutted man and remorse struck her. "Oops." she so wisely said. "I didn't mean to go that far..." LIght shone from her hands and she let it surge into the body of the man. Guts seemed to retract into the body and the man with the Stick twitched. He stood up. He looked at Annisa. "Now that will surely give me horrible indigestion problems." he said.

From the throng of onlookers two young elven boys stormed out. The fell to their knees crying. It was the same boys who had earlier ran away. "We are not worthy to carry the Stick!" they echoed in pair. "Therefore we must serve it!" The man with the Stick was well accustomed to such sudden reverence of the Stick because he knew it's awe inspiring nature. As he was a benevolent man he extended his stick and touched the shoulders of them both. "Rise my children, as Knights of the Stick!" "You mean Knights of theOrder of the Stick, right?" Annisa commented vryly. "Yes yes, Rise as Knights of the Order of the Stick." and with these words the two young men rose, pride gleaming in their eyes.

Annisa, in her petty evil ways, rolled her eyes and muttered "Oh the stupidity.." and drew her sword yet again. This time, in cold blood, she slew them all three. The crowd rejoiced and realizing this was the end to it they retreated to to whatever foul corner whence they came. Annisa left with them as the triumphant, cackling madly.

"Have they gone?" one of the disciples of the Stick said. "Yes, I think so," the Bearer of the Stick said. "Good, we can get up then," And so they both stood up and went to the third man, the second disciple of the Stick. "Get up," they said. "Zzzzz" was all the reply the got. "He's sleeping!" the Bearer was horrified.
"Beat him with the stick!" the first disciple suggested. The Bearer saw the wisdom in this and did so. Thwack Thwack the stick went and the sewcond disciple rose to his feet, rubbing his head.

"Right," the Bearer said, conviction radiating from his being. "We need to get back into the city and recruit people to our mission." "What mission is that?" one of the disciples wanted to know. "We need to spread the word of the Stick and recruit people to our case." Both disciples nodded. "Oh, ok."
"But first!" The Bearer rose his stick. "We must go undercover. The Stick provides so take these." The Bearer rummaged through a pocket and produced forth three loose moustaches which he offered two to the disciples. "Put these on. But that is not enough. We need codenames. I will be Kaine Ravenlocke The Third. You will be.." he pointed at the first disciple "Jeff," and at the other disciple. "Clara."
"Clara?!" The disciple was shocked. "Hi Clara," the other said. The first sighed and flipped his pony tail back over his shoulder and said with impressive sassyness. "Okey, lets go!"

And so the trio of the Stick reentered the city on their newfound Quest. Spread the word of the Stick, recruit more people and one day... one day overthrow the rule of the Dark Queen Annisa.
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The Order of the Stick!
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