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 The richest paladins

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PostSubject: The richest paladins   Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:27 am

The abby looked abonded. Peacefull as always but something seemed to be missing. Like a presents that had always been there was not there anymore. Gaurds walked there rounds, but still something was different. Like there minds were somewhere else. Paladins in training were walking around the area. But most were looking at the ground or looking around almost scared. Suddenly a horse came up the road. A young paladin came running from the abby.
Blame fully she yelled: “Kay your late! You know how important this is and we can’t miss it.” The young woman on the horse looked smiling at her friend. “Well….there was this herb…” A big laughter sounds over the abby terrain. “Most of you troubles start whit there was this herb…” Louise gets a wicked smile on her face. “I swear you would try to get herbs from Ogrimar.” The other girl gets a glitter in her eyes. “Why…there any good? “ Louise wants to react then sees the glitter and says “You almost had me you idiot Pally.”
The mounted girl jumps off her hors and starts to put it in the stable. Even the stable boy seems scared and down . “This place seen beter days. How died this time?” Louise know gets a said look in her eyes. “No idea think there are some brothers missing, but there corpses have not been found yet so they might turn up.” Kay nods. “You know were lucky Louise?” Louise looks over the grass in front off the abby and notices the said looks on the peoples faces there. “How do you figure?”
“Well, everybody been big hero’s either died, missing or scared for life.” Louise looks at her friend. “You have a funny way of looking at things, but you know what your right.” They start to walk down the road to Goldshire. Both thinking things over. Suddenly Kay’s says “I never want to be a hero. I like things the way they are know. What you think sister?” The young palladin smiles at her older sister. “Your totally right. Life is good. I do hope our brothers will one day find there peace.”
As they enter the small village Louise pokes her friend. “You did not forget the potion right.” Kay smilles. “Offcourse not she would kill us if we showed up whitout it.” They walk up to one off the houses and nock on the door. Inside some soft sounds can be heard and the door opens up. An old lady is standing in the door looking at the two girls. A smile apears on her rimpeld face. “My two favorite girls in the world. I thought you two would be to bussy whit the war and all.” Both girls hugh the old lady as they enter the small house. In a corner a old men looks up. Kay and Louise imediatly walk over too the corner and give him a kiss. The man smiles as he gets a small package dropped in his hands. “For you dad from Louise and me.” As the paper is been torn appart a glittering flask appears. The old men hold his breath “Girls this is a priceless potion.” The young paladins look at each other and at the same time they say:
“Did you not hear were the richest Pally’s in the word.”

((From Louise and Kay))
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The richest paladins
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