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 [H-RP] A pirates revenge - by Croehn

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PostSubject: [H-RP] A pirates revenge - by Croehn   Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:51 am

((copied from http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=10543375514&sid=1 - Vyp ))

Well i had some time over so i wrote a story about my next event, feel free to hate it and love it!
Comments would be great!

It was late night at the the inn, Solanar ordered Croehn to take a couple of drinks with Him.As much as Croehn loves rum of all its kind, he couldn't resist a offer like this. The night goes on and they're having conversations about everything from goblin hookers to the good old times on the seas.
Suddenly the sound in Solanar's voice changes and starts asking other questions...

Solanar: Okay lets end the bragging and talk about serious stuff.

Croehn: Serious stuff? I can hardly be serious when Iím sober but now Iím drunk! Well well... Go on Cap'n.

Solanar: I've only heard that youíre the brother of one of the original crew members on the Kings Hate, Donnie Dangerous. But thatís about it, you should tell me moreÖ

Croehn: You mean about where Iím from and how I ended up a filthy thief and later on a pirate?

Solanar nods and smiles at Croehn.

Croehn: You sure you want to hear this? itís a long story...

Solanar holds up his glass and shakes it, it's empty. He whistles and makes a gesture for the barmaid to come to the table.

Maid: What ye wantiní eh?

Solanar: One more bottle of rum!

The Barmaid laughs gently and turns around to the lockers further in.

Solanar fills Croehns and his glass with even more rum.

Solanar: well Go on we got more rum and the night isn't over yet is it?

Croehn: Well well... My dad wasn't home that much,

But I knew he was a pirate since Donnie always told me stories that mom told him.
But when I he finally got home after weeks on the seas he always had like 3 or 4 friends with him.
Weird people wearing eye patches and weapons, one day they took Donnie without saying a word.
Next time I saw him he was wearing dirty clothes and a sword, he became one of them....

Solanar: So the blood loving Donnie was a nice guy after all?

Croehn: WellÖ at least to me.

Solanar: Well never mind, go on!

Croehn: Aye aye... As I suspected they took me as well, guess he was in need of pirateís right?
We sailed and plundered on the seas for monthís even years. One day Dad came up with an idea,
He heard of the Defias hideout, a place where they stored their treasures and other valuable items.
We were setting sail for Westfall to plunder the Defias Brotherhood.
We attacked and the Defias where to many... We had to retreat, everyone got away except me.
I was captured and tortured for weeks; they kept me in a cage I barely could stand straight in.
But they came back for me and I managed to get away...

Solanar: Thatís...well... I bet you been through allot then!

Croehn: Well I guess you can say that...

Solanar: Why donít you take revenge on them? Grab a couple of crew mates and infiltrate them?

Croehn looks really surprised, and then gets a spiteful smile.

Croehn: Sounds like a plan!

He jumps of his chair and grabs his chair, smashes it into the wall getting attention from the whole inn.

Barmaid: Dat's be costing ye a lot, stupid orc!

Croehn searches his pockets and finds a dirty sack of some gold coins, he throws it to the Barmaid.

Solanar: Leave em, he is angry and youíre lucky its only the chair!

Maid: Dont let it happen again mon!

The night got pretty intense, they both leave the inn very drunk and tired...
Croehn... Sneaky as he is, he leaves notes at the homes of the other crew members to meet up with him at booty bay the next day...

Who knows? Maybe itís time to prove his loyalty to the Blackhands?

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[H-RP] A pirates revenge - by Croehn
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