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 [A-RP] The Glory of the Light - By ┴uron

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PostSubject: [A-RP] The Glory of the Light - By ┴uron   Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:22 am

Day in, day out you work on the fields and man the guildhalls and factories. Your backs are covered in sweat, faces with dirt; at sunrise you eat your humble breakfast, kiss your wife, bid your children farewell and head out for work not to return until sunset. Once home you are barely able to lift the spoon to eat the watery soup, and collapse into your bed. During the night, the fever rises and muscles ache and you swear that death itself is knocking on your doorůbut then the *@%%!%!*%@ crows and once again you stand up, enjoy the humble breakfast, kiss your wife, bid your children farewell and head out for work not to return until sunset.

Once a week when the *@%%!%!*%@ crows you wake up and eat your humble breakfast. But you do not head to work. Together with your wife and children you put on your best clothes and head out to the church. The splendor of the building overcomes you, and your soul is afloat on the wings of Lightĺs grace and power. That chandelier over there was paid for from your donations and now all the villagers admire it with a smile after a week of stale and pale existence. In the evening you take what is left of your salary and with your friends head out for the pub, fill your muscles with warmth the beer grants you and forget the backbreaking work.

Is your work unseen? Is the sweat on your forehead, blares on your hands, popped veins in their eyes and deformed joins not noticed? No! The Light sees everything and knows everything. When your back is at the point of breaking, it is there to take the weight from your shoulders. It sees your hard work and it sees your suffering. Speak the truth; be charitable, live a life of virtue and the Light will reward you in the end with an eternity of peace and joy. The Light will fill your pale and arduous existence with divine purpose, you know that you work for the Light and for the Greater Good and you know that your efforts are appreciated!

Walk the Lightĺs path, and your life will be easier and the Light will lend you its strength and give solace to your soul.

Keep true to the Light, and your hard existence will be rewarded with an eternity of peace and joy. Abandon the Light, and your soul shall suffer forever within the Nether at the hand of a host of demons.

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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[A-RP] The Glory of the Light - By ┴uron
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