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 [A-RP] What the Shadow brings- by Kerridan

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PostSubject: [A-RP] What the Shadow brings- by Kerridan   Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:45 am

*The following posters are spread through all human settlements, they reek of rotting corpses.*

The Holy Light, protector of man.
A false protector, it does not protect you, it deceives you. The Light did not aid the victims of the Plague, it could not, it would not.
It brings false promises to the towns and cities of man, promising a good life, no misery, all false promises.

The clergy are the only ones who benefit from the Light, they become wealthy because of their status, they are privileged when it comes to public services and much more.
The Cathedral in Stormwind is proof of this, look around, the poor and hungry line the streets but it stands tall above the skyline, the wealth of the land is funneled into it, it was built for the Light on the backs of the poor.
Why must the poor suffer and the clergy live lives of wealth and privilege?
Why must the poor beg for food while the clergy have lavish dinners?

Must the common man endure this injustice forced upon him by the clergy?
No, the common man does not have to endure this injustice, the common man can rise up against this injustice, he can bring down the greedy church and its clergy. Now then, why do you not act? The clergy are not many in numbers and can be brought down easily. The army, is filled with commoners, the nobility, risks losing its own status if they side with the clergy, rise up! Nothing can be lost, justice can be gained.
The oppressive power that emanates from the Cathedral, can be brought to ruin, you need but extend your arm in anger and it will shatter like wood when it is hit by an axe.

But you will not see this, you stand faithful aside clergy, aside the Light. A pity that you cannot see the truth.

So we march.

Humans, your birth was a crime, a crime which is punished by death. We do not need to act to fulfill the sentence, in time, fate will exact its punishment. Yet, we are the bringers of justice, we are death, we come to punish you for your crime.
But we are not without leniency, we offer a swift, painless death to those who abandon and persecute the followers of the Light.
Death is inevitable, humans, the question is not how to survive, but how to die.
The Light promises a good life, we promise that if you persecute it, you will not have a miserable life.
For you will have no life, only death. A swift, painless, death.

Those who stand beside it, will see their families die gruesome deaths before their eyes, they will die slowly, painfully and alone, themselves.
The Light will not protect you. Do you not know that the light always fades away? The Shadow comes to take its place, it is inevitable.

All living are destined to die, how will you die?

"We are the ones that want to choose; always want to play but you never want to lose."
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[A-RP] What the Shadow brings- by Kerridan
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