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 The Hunt for the hunter begins

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PostSubject: The Hunt for the hunter begins   Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:53 pm

“Home,” Graan muttered to himself as he sat on a rock facing the Blackrock Mountain. He remained that way for a short while longer before sighing and finally turning away, his attention focusing on the small number of corpses that littered the ground. Foolish, he thought, even when almost visibly tainted, they still attack me. He shook his head and got off the rock, turning away from the Mountain and starting the long walk south, avoiding any settlement in his way.

He managed to avoid attraction all the way to Swamp of Sorrows, all except the attention of one particular group. He stopped on the crossroad near Stonard. One path led to Stonard and the one led to Blasted Lands. He sighed as he heard the expectant laughter behind him. He turned around, obviously not too bothered. There were six of them, four orcs and two trolls. They were all grinning at Graan.

“Are you going to just grin or will you actually do something?” Graan asked them casually.
“So you want us to start already? And here we thought we could have some fun first but sure.. time to secure our future,” an orc replied while grinning, apparently their leader.

Then the fun began. Quickly, they surrounded Graan and drew their weapons but Graan didn't even take a stance. Then one of the trolls charged, aiming his spear at Graan's head. The demon hunter lazy but quickly moved his head to one side, avoiding the spear. The troll's momentum carried him straight into the orc's plated fist and lost conciousness straight away.

The troll didn't even manage to hit the ground before the rest were upon Graan. One orc swung his axe vertically at Graan but he dodged it easily but side-stepping to the left and the ramming his fist into the orc's stomach, making him drop to the floor. The second troll swung sideways at Graan with his spear but Graan caught it by the smooth pole and pulled it from the troll's hands, simultaneously piercing the orc behind him just below the ribcage. The troll met the same fate as the other one. He broke the spear, leaving the blade in the orc and keeping the pole. With it, he knocked out the collapsed orc.

Two opponents remained but even that didn't last long. One of the orcs charged at him alone, swinging his axe downwards at Graan, only to be deflected by Graan's broken pole. He no longer wanted to waste time with this. Almost cruelly, Graan kicked the orc through the air, forcing him to slam into a nearby tree, head first. The remaining orc, the apparent leader of the group, let out a war cry and charged at Graan, his confidence falling even thought he tried not to show it by his war cry. He swung sideways at Graan with a maul, putting all of his might and weight into the attack but what happened completely crushed his spirit. Instead of dodging, Graan stopped the maul with his open palm as if there was no weight behind the attack at all. Quickly, Graan knocked the orc off his feet and cruelly pierced the broken spear through his shoulder and deep into the ground beneath it. He put his right foot on the orc's chest, supporting his elbows on the knee and looking down at the orc without emotion.

“What is the price for my head?” Graan demanded.
“A.. promotion... or a... recommendation... for one.... land... after... end.. of duty..” the orc struggled to reply.
“I see.... I won't kill you, you're not worth the bother,” Graan said as he lifted his foot and from the orc's chest and walked away, leaving the head hunters to fend for themselves. As he walked, a small grin spread on his face.
“And so the hunt for the hunter begins,” he muttered to himself as he walked away.
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The Hunt for the hunter begins
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