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 The fall of Thermaplugg, Don't go to Gnomeregan (By Chardyn)

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PostSubject: The fall of Thermaplugg, Don't go to Gnomeregan (By Chardyn)   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:30 am

Let me start by saying: Do not go to Gnomeregan! The troggs have gained a strong foothold and have enlisted help from the dark iron dwarves.

It all started when me and a human lubber mage that goes by the name of Aramand recieved a plea from the Gnomeregan Exiles to go into their former home and bring down he traitor Thermapluggs reign. Fair enough we thought, the only thing there is troggs, confused leper gnomes and malfuctioning machines. How wrong we where!

As we could not do it by ourselves i contacted the other exiles that were awake in hope of someone to join us in this task. Almost immediately Tommon answered my call and said he would help. I sensed that Master Hiddenshadow and Healthyglow was also awake so i contacted them and asked them to join in and they gladly accepted.

The five of us made our way to the fallen city of Gnomeregan and even as we stood outside the gates we could smell the corruption. A green smoke rised from some pipes beides us and we decided to get this over with as soon as possible,best not to linger at such a foul place we thought.
We fought our way through the entrance halls of Gnomeregan with ease, slaying leper gnome and trogg alike. We entered the deeper tunnels of Gnomeregan and came into a big circular room with many side doors and he like. All of us where running around trying to find the way when we stumbled into a Gnomeregan survivors camp, we ofcourse offered our help in getting them out of there but they would have none of it, preffering to stay and wait the madness out they said.
As we continued we got into a great tunnel with many gnomes riding some kind of variation of the mechano strider i have seen on the surface. As we fought us though riding gnomes and foot soldiers alike we spotted a whole horde of enemy rushing against us, as valiantly as we fought we could not withstand the sheer number of gnomes and we felt the all to common call from the spirit world.
Thinking us totaly dead they left us to celebrate the deaths of the adventurers, We though by strong willpower and a little help from good spirits made it back to our mortal shells to lick our wounds and continue with our task.

This time we chose another route, coming into a big room with many a foul beast. living oozes and the like. Chopping our way through them with ease. After the battle with the green monsters Healthyglow got a call from somewhere and had to depart, weakend though not beaten the rest of the heroes made their way to the only tunnel out of the room...Suddenly out of the tunnel came at least twenty troggs charging us, we having no alternative took up a defensive stance and tried to hold our ground. After many troggs had died they chopped me and Aramand down, Tommon followed us soon after. Master Hiddenshadow though not being a master druid just for fun sended the troggs to wherever they come when they die.
Hiddenshadow healed our battletorned bodies and cursed this place with a thousand curses....we all did. No other option than to finish our task we set on forward meeting no real resistance until we found dark iron dwarves! Thermaplugg must have made an alliance we thought and proceded with caution slaying every foul dwarf we found. After a long while of fighting and close calls we came to a big door, this must be where Thermaplugg himself resides we said and opened it. And we where right, inside the room stood the archtraitor himself taunting us daring to attack him in the middle of his own stronghold. As we battled him he called forth some kind of walking explosive devises detonating when reaching us. Even though we made short work with Thermaplugg himself the bombs put Tommon and Aramand out of the battle, me and Master Falren ran as fast as we could shutting down the machines producing the bombs. When all of them where gone and all machines where off we healed Tommon and Aramand and made a vow to never return to this foul place, even though we killed many of them, got great loot, booty and treasure, and even killed of the Grand traitor himself.

Hereby i make a plea to any Pirate, Might or Black Watch that be reading this report (and all others for that matter) do NOT venture to Gnomeregan !

For ye who where there that horrible day with me : feel free to add someting i might have missed.
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PostSubject: Re: The fall of Thermaplugg, Don't go to Gnomeregan (By Chardyn)   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:36 am

Quote :
Hereby i make a plea to any Pirate, Might or Black Watch that be reading this report (and all others for that matter) do NOT venture to Gnomeregan !


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The fall of Thermaplugg, Don't go to Gnomeregan (By Chardyn)
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