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 Liberating the Loot (By Chardyn)

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PostSubject: Liberating the Loot (By Chardyn)   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:20 am

Well mateys...It all began one morning when your great and trusting capt'n just had woken up from his beauty sleep..oi! everything i do begins in the morning eh?... Well back on track then...Ah right..When i had woken up i walked from my room in the Booty bay inn down to the mailbox down by the water. As the light....NAE! as the fate wants it (i gotta stop with that light crap, but hey an whóle upbringing of education in the greatness of it makes the word stick with ya) well as fate wanted it i saw an lubber adventrurer putting in a big shiny golden sword in the bank.. Well because i have spent quite some time in the great king captain Greb's *salutes then kneels* presence now i have ofcourse had my brain damaged or changed (call it what you want, i call it shown to the reality of the world) i immediatly began thinking that this sword would be great in the pira....the exiles treasury. Then it hit me! If a durned lubber like that one put in a big shiny sword like that in the BOOTY BAY treasury then what riches awaits in the lubberforge and stormlubber banks? With that in mind i began thinking of doing some sort of bank robbery... now as great as i am i could not pull this one of by myself so i contacted the other exiles to check if there was any intrest in liberating this good in the name of the greater good....pah alright in the name of our treasury. Well some there was some who was willing on doing this so we set up a date when we would execute this.

A great shame was that when this date was upon us i was greatly ill and could not participate in the glorius task. So the whole event was put forward a week..allowing more planning.

Well when the time was upon us myself and Falrinth who i've heard screaming "Yes i want all my items and money out immediatly! No no questions everything!" to a banker in ironforge. Well well.. Me and fal waited outside the gates of ironforge for all the other brave souls. In before hand Fal had been making some "pirate safe explosives" as he calls them in preparation of the liberation. As time went by the gnome Glitch (we want your daggers on our ship matey!) came and joined us. As time went by we saw that there was going to be no more people joining in our task so we sat down by a campfire and i explained the original plan to my two companions..who had some modifications which i gladly accepted. When we sat and planned there came an elf riding a tiger up to us saying not a word just watching us... we ofcourse became a little worried that he had discovered our plans and was there mocking us before the guard came.
After a small amount of time he said somethings in that strange language i've never been able to understand and just went away quick as the wind on his tiger.

By this time we though that it was time to act and we moved into the entrance if lubberforge..in disguise ofcourse. As we made our way into ironforge someone tapped me on the shoulder, i turned around as quick i could afraid once again that we where discovered...but it was only the night elf rogue Itas who had came to join us. Now our little gang of robbers had the incredible number of four we decided that we should send in the two rogues before me and Fal to light a fuse without being seen. Said and done they went in and lighted it signaled to me and Fal, we ran into the bank screaming to everyone that they should stand by the wall or get really hurt. The fuse was about halfway burned and all was going well when suddenly a dwarf began shouting at us not to take his life savings, I ofcourse warned him that if he did not shut up soon i would have to silence him..with that said i turned around safe thinking that he would be silent. The bank safe exploded in a million pieces and Glitchy and Itas jumped in and began to collect the loot, Suddenly that damned dwarf began screaming again! Damn him! This time i did not warn him, i threw a dynamite his way..it exploding close but not close enough to kill him or put him uncunsious...he just began to scream even louder. Now we where in serious trouble since his screaming had alerted the athorities so i just channeled some powers to inflict a serious pain in his head. That shut him up real good it did. By this time we where done with gathering the loot so we ran as fast as we could to the tram section with some lubbers in fast pursuit. We made it into the tram area and managed to shake off our pursuers. We all danced of joy while awaiting the tram when suddenly a paladin in a golden outfit showed up and demanded that we turned over our loot to him and surendered in the name of the light. To that we just laughed and told him to walk away real calm and we would not hurt him. When we did this he reached for his big hammer fastned on his back, waving menacly at us, by this time we noticed that the tram had arrived and we all jumped on it as fast as we could before it left the station in that speed only a tram can come up to..leaving the paladin miles away. We ofcourse was all happy that we pulled of the ironforge part as there was some problems in the end of it.

Now we was only going to do it all over again in stormlubber bank. Well we arrived to the the bank and did it all over again, Itas and Glitch lighting the fuse, me and Faly running in and screaming. This time there was no durned fool trying to put up resistance. Well the safe blew up as the Lubberforge one did. But just before we was about to take the loot a guard came in, we ofcourse had no intention on staying and fighting the law, ran as fast as we could out of the bank and out into the small alleys next to it shaking the guard off our back.
At this time we though we should just make a run for Goldshire and our escape. But Glitch had other thoughts on his mind. He ran back into the bank intending to steal more loot, well we had been working really hard for that one so really so we all understood his anger in not getting anything from that bank.
Well we others ran back into the bank assísting Glitchy in taking the loot. By this time we had gather quite a crowd of onlookers. And with that ofcourse there was some lubbers wanting us captured and hanged. We took all loot we possibly could and ran as fast as we could down for Goldshire with the stormwind militia close on our tails. Me and Fal made it into the Inn in Goldshire but as we had a girl paladin following us we could not change our clothes and therefor we would be doomed if we did not do anything. Suddenly we jumped out of a window and ran into the woods. The girl chasing Fal not me i could change back to my more pirate-ish clothes and therefore not be recognised! I did just that and then put the girl on a false trail leading up to northshire. With that done me and Fal walked back into the inn trying to find info on our mates we had lost. In the inn we met Itas who had also escaped and changed clothes.

Now the only problem would be Glitchy who had been captured by some milita and was being taken away from the main village down to some farm... But before we even was able to come up with an escape plan he told us through the mental link that he had escaped and teleported himself to Coldridge valley..sitting under a tree with his loot and eating an apple.
With him safe we said goodbye to eachother and i was about to make my way to booty bay to count my share of the loot when Fal asked me to follow him.
It turned out that a whole family had seen him changing his clothes and that we could not afford that kind of gap in our security. such a thing could challange the whole of the Exiles reputation..Me understanding what was needed to be done immidietly followed his lead, not enjoying myself but knowing that it was needed to be done. After this we shook eachothers hands and decided to walk away from this region and not return in a few days..not until it had all been forgotten by the common folks.

And that was our little liberation mateys! A good one to boot! Me not only getting some great loot but also seein' another side o' Faly the shadoweirdo! Ye have my respect now Fal!

If i missed anything i kindly ask ye to fill it in fer me!

Til' next time!

Chardyn "Doc" Silverbeard
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Liberating the Loot (By Chardyn)
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